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Abigail Hodges is a character in the science fiction comedy television series Resident Alien. She is portrayed by Deborah Finkel.

Character overview[]

Abigail Hodges is the widow of Sam Hodges, whose murder becomes a major mystery in the town of Patience, Colorado. Due to people passing the buck, she is not informed of her husband's death and only learns of it when she walks in on Harry Vanderspeigle, an alien assuming a human identity, who had just finished conducting the autopsy. She works at the local beauty salon.

Abigail Hodges is arrested for her husband's murder after it is discovered that her diabetic husband's insulin was poisoned with Botulinum toxin, which is used in cosmetic treatments at the salon where she weeks. Sheriff Thompson discovers that she has been having an affair with another man, Thomas Hoffman, weeks before her husband's death. In actuality, however, it was the human Dr. Harry Vanderspeigle who poisoned Dr. Hodges's insulin for unknown reasons.


Plot summary[]


"Well, if he committed suicide, his insurance claim would be null and void. So I'm counting on you, Doctor, to do the right thing. You know, you could use a haircut. Why don't you come down to the salon? I'll cut it for you."
"I cut my own hair."
"I see that."
"What was that about?"
"She's pro-murder."
- Abigail Hodges regarding Dr. Sam Hodges, Harry Vanderspeigle and Asta Twelvetrees

"You see, I went through your phone records and I found repeated calls, and I mean a shit ton of them, to one number. You know who it belonged to? Thomas Hoffman."
"Okay, fine. We are casually seeing each other. But are you going to arrest me for having a social life? Can't a widow move on?"
- Sheriff Mike Thompson and Abigail Hodges, "Welcome Aliens"