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D'Arcy Bloom is a character in the science fiction comedy television series Resident Alien. She is portrayed by Alice Wetterlund.

Character overview[]

She is into "bad boys" and feels an immediate attraction towards Harry Vanderspeigle. She is the chief bartender in the tavern of the village of Patience, Colorado, The 59. She also searches as a member of the villager's avalanche control team. She left town for a time and chased her dream as an Olympic skiier, but her dream ended when she took a terrible fall and shattered her leg. She is friends with both Asta Twelvetrees and Judy Cooper, though she often trades barbs with the latter regarding slutty behavior. She has a reputation as the town drunk, but longs for something deeper, feeling that she has lost her chance for happiness in life and struggling to find a meaningful connection with someone. Although she struggles with issues of self-respect, many like her because of her pure fearlessness and open spirit. She seems to self-sabotage her relationships with men, feeling that she will always inevitably mess them up.


D'Arcy Bloom is about average height, white female, with hair that varies color, but almost always has colorful highlights. She appears to be in her early or mid thirties.

Plot summary[]

Dancing and bowling[]

D'Arcy Bloom is working the bar when Asta Twelvetrees arrives with Harry Vanderspeigle, an alien who had stolen the identity of a human doctor. She serves him the local whiskey which, unknown to her, is actually Vanderspeigle's first time trying alcohol. He calls it "awful," but nevertheless admits to wanting more of it, asking her why this was so. She replies that this was because he is a "bad boy," which is good, because she likes bad boys. He asks if there was more whiskey, and she serves it to him, also revealing some of the town history, including the slogan "59 died to save one," the origin of the bar's name, The 59. The two then dance together, to the tune of Nicki Minaj's "Starships."

Harry visits the bar again not long after in the afternoon, experiencing a feeling he believes to be hunger. He recognizes D'Arcy as the girl he had danced with and she introduces herself with her name. She asks if he wants her to get him anything and he tells her that he has been feeling hungry, but for some reason is no longer feeling that way now that he is there. She suggests that it could be stress, admitting to being a "big stress eater." She says that he might want some more of the whiskey, but he refuses, saying that the last time he drank it, he tried to kill someone. She takes this as a joke, not realizing that he is being perfectly serious and had, in fact, tried to kill Max Hawthorne, a boy able to see through to his true alien form. She tells him that if he is going to go around killing people, he should at least make it look like an accident because otherwise he can't go bowling with her the next night. Again, while she means it as a joke, he takes the words to heart and begins scheming ways to kill the boy Max with it looking like an accident. He also agrees to her invitation and she quips that she has never gone bowling with a murderer before, but that it's a goal of hers. He leaves, wondering just what bowling is.

The next evening, the two go bowling as planned, and she introduces him to her friend, Judy, though he has already met her, having given her a pelvic exam. The group is surprised by the sudden arrival of the town's sheriff, Mike Thompson. When D'Arcy quips that he should be out solving crime, he tells them that he is going to murder them with his superior bowling skills. He and D'Arcy both bowl strikes, but when it is Harry's turn, he amuses both D'Arcy and Judy by failing spectacularly, sending the ball flying backwards and into Mike's crotch. He and D'Arcy than sat and talk for a while. He asks her when the snow on the nearby mountain will melt and she tells him that it really depends on when they get a good rain, and could be in as little as a week. The conversation then turns to skiing and she speaks of once wanting to be in the Olympics, but her dreams ending when she broke several bones. The comment gives Harry a new idea on how he might kill Max while making it look like an accident and he exits suddenly, leaving her to comment that this is usually where things end. Judy then teases her for being stood up and the two then tease each other for past slutty behavior, before bowling together.

The sorry party[]

D'Arcy corners Asta Twelvetrees at the town clinic, describing her as having been mopey. Asta replies that her friend Sam has, but D'Aarcy says that she needs to get her mind off it. The two of them visit the town lake, where the sheriff and others are trawling for the body which belonged to a foot which had been discovered by a fisherman. Bemused, Asta comments that she was expecting dinner or a movie, but D'Arcy says that they have their own show, with the finale, fingers crossed, being a dead corpse. She admits also that she had been dating a guy who ghosted her and she was hoping it might be his corpse. She suggests that afterwards they might attend a party being held by old friend named JT.

The two watch for a while, but eventually getting bored, they make their way to the cabin of Harry Vanderspeigle. They walk in just as he is hiding the body of the human Harry Vanderspeigle that he had discovered on shore, but he manages to cover it in time. He claims to be just standing there doing nothing and asks what they are doing there. They admit to watching the lake being dragged, saying that it is their town's version of a drive-in. They then ask to use his bathroom and while in there, discover bottles of vitamins stored in alphabetical order. D'Aarcy comments that Harry is a maniac and she is turned on. The two then leave, telling Harry that they are going to a party, but that he can't come because it is a girls' night out. They then make their way to JT's party, only to discover that it is a high school party and that the "JT" in question is actually the son of the JT they had once known. Embarrassed at being called "cougars" and "MILFs," they make to leave, only for Asta to discover pills being passed out that had been prescribed using one of Sam Hodges's prescription pads. The two also discover the girl Jay, the intern from the clinic, passed out, and take her home, telling her that she is too young to understand just how sorry the party really was.

Dinner at the Hawthornes[]

After being invited to the Hawthorne family household for dinner, Harry Vanderspeigle asks Asta Twelvetrees to come with him. She refuses, but suggests that D'Arcy might like to go instead. She quips that she is not free except "from 5 to midnight" and since the dinner is at 6, it turns out that she is, indeed, free. She therefore accepts the invitation and the two of them head out to dinner. During the dinner, D'Arcy tells the boy Max Hawthorne that she has known his father since they were both younger than him, that the two of them sat next to each other in Ms. Philworth's class. Kate Hawthorne comments that she had no idea that the two of them had been so close and D'Arcy reveals that Ben had, in fact, been her first kiss. Kate points out that Ben has never mentioned this and D'Arcy continues that it was towards the end of fifth grade, very romantic, and that the two of them have, in fact, never officially broken up.

They all giggle at the idea that Ben has been cheating on D'Arcy with Kate, though things become uncomfortable as the dinner goes on, with D'Arcy claiming that she taught Ben everything he knows. She and Harry are then held up by Max's attempts to extend the evening in order to run interference for his friend Sahar, who has stolen the keys to Harry's cabin and is getting copies made. After they finally leave, Harry takes D'Arcy home and she asks if he is going to kiss her. Recalling having seen kissing on television, he makes the attempt, but ends up mostly just licking her face. She describes it as not having been the worst kiss she has ever had.

The new woman[]

The next day, D'Arcy meets up with Harry early in the morning at the Patience Health Clinic. There, she tells him that she doesn't want to date him anymore, that he simply isn't her "type." He asks her if her type isn't the "smartest and best in the world," causing her to rage over his incredible ego. He then suggests she isn't very smart, before an awkward attempt at an apology, thinking that if he doesn't apologize, she will realize he is an alien. However, his lame attempt leads her to leave in a huff, shouting that he is an asshole.

Later, D'Arcy is again working at The 59 and greets a new visitor to the pub, a woman named Isabelle. The two commiserate over their shared troubles with men, unaware that they are talking about the same person, Harry Vanderspeigle. Isabelle is actually Harry Vanderspeigle's wife, though she is unaware that her husband's identity has been taken over by an alien. Later, D'Arcy returns to Harry's cabin, hoping to try to rekindle their relationship, only to be disappointed when she looks through the window and sees him dancing with Isabelle.

The new doctor and the old[]

A new doctor, Dr. Ethan Stone, arrives to replace Harry Vanderspeigle, who has only been filling in until a more permanent replacement could be found. Upon Ethan's first visit to The 59, D'Arcy almost immediately hooks up with him, bringing him back to her home and sleeping with him. The next morning, he tells her that she is awesome. He has made breakfast for her, but she makes it very clear that it was just a one-night-stand and leaves. Later, she is out patrolling the mountainside by helicopter when she spots Harry Vanderspeigle out searching for his spaceship. Unaware of what he is really after, she asks him what he is doing and why he ignored all the warning signs about not being up there, before escorting him away from the mountain. She later returns to The 59, where she joins an impromptu celebration with Liv Baker, Asta Twelvetrees and Judy, as Liv is commemorating having finally earned some praise from Sheriff Mike Thompson for one of her theories. D'Arcy also participates in some shared abuse of Asta's estranged husband, Jimmy, who has arrived in the bar with a new flame named Becky that they suspect might be a Russian mail-order bride.

At some point following this incident, D'Arcy was playing pool with Asta and discussing Asta's daughter, Jay, whom Sheriff Thompson and Deputy Baker are investigating for possibly having been the person who stole the prescription pad. D'Arcy encourages Asta to reveal her belief that it was actually Jimmy who had taken the pad. She then receives a call from Judy (caller ID "Skank") who tells her that Harry Vanderspeigle is at the bowling alley and won't leave, having applied for a job but been told that he is overqualified. D'Arcy and Asta travel to the bowling alley, where they discover a very depressed Harry playing an old-fashioned space shoot-'em-up arcade game. They ask him what he is doing and he explains that he is depressed because he has lost his job and Isabelle left him. They ask him if they can do anything, but he replies that he already tried booze and pills, but it didn't make him feel any better. D'Arcy chastises him, telling him that as a doctor he should know that he can't use booze and pills to feel better, then shouts at Judy to "get the pot." She, Harry and Asta proceed to get totally wasted on the pot, then eat noodles at a Japanese restaurant. While there, Harry wanders off and has a conversation with an octopus in the restaurant's fishtank. Not understanding, D'Arcy and Asta can only watch, speculating that he has never been high before. They then amuse themselves by walking over and pretending to talk to the eel in the tank next to the octopus.

Mountain rescue[]

Later, D'Arcy and Asta are outside talking and D'Arcy praises Asta for revealing her suspicions about Jimmy to the police, though Asta tells her that something about it just doesn't feel right. Their conversation is interrupted when they notice Max Hawthorne running after Harry Vanderspeigle, pleading with him not to do something. They race after him, asking him what is going on and where Harry is going. Although the boy refuses to explain just what Harry is up to, he shocks the two by telling him that Harry is heading to the glacier. They take off on snowmobiles in immediate pursuit and catch up to Harry just as he has his device, which can kill all human life on the planet Earth. D'Arcy tells him not to move, warning that he could be on a snow bridge, but it is too late. The ice caves in beneath them and they all take a massive fall into a crevasse below.

As the group comes to, D'Arcy chastises Harry, whose leg is trapped under a block of ice, asking just what he was doing. He replies that it was her fault, that the ice caved in because she was too heavy, and she quips that they should just leave him. Nevertheless, she does some thinking and realizes that they are about 30 feet down, but she can make it to her snowmobile. However, upon reaching her snowmobile, the ice cracks again, causing Asta, Harry and the snowmobile to fall into an even deeper crevasse and D'Arcy to be left hanging unconscious in mid-air.

D'Arcy eventually comes to again. Despairing, she makes a video in which she says goodbyes to the people she knows in town, apologizing for various things she has done, though telling Liv Baker that she rocks. She suggests that the new town slogan should be "One died to not save three" and before falling unconscious again, admits that she is sorry that she couldn't save Asta, and that she hadn't really wanted to live without her anyway. She then has a flashback in which she remembers the time when she was in the hospital after her skiing accident. She was visited by Asta, who told her that she was going to have to get up sometime and that she hadn't driven ten hours to watch her quit. She told her forcefully that she was not quitting and back in the present, D'Arcy comes to, repeating that she is not quitting. She rallies and begins the slow, arduous process of climbing out of the crevasse, finally reaching the other snowmobile. She then rescues both Harry and Asta and the group drives back to the Patience Health Clinic. There, Asta tells her that Harry is in bad shape and to go get help. However, in the short time that D'Arcy is in the clinic, Asta drives away, taking Harry instead to her adoptive father Dan, in order not to reveal Harry's secret of being alien, which she has discovered. When D'Arcy exits the clinic with the nurse Ellen Cho, she is shocked to find Asta gone and can only shout "What the hell?! Asta!"

The basement discovery[]

D'Arcy confronts Asta the next day, asking why she's avoiding her calls. Asta claims to have been busy and lies that she remembered that they didn't have an MRI machine at the clinic, so she took Harry to the hospital in Braddock instead. Just then, Ellen shows up, saying that she called Braddock to follow up on the MRI, only for them to say that there was no record of it. D'Arcy calls Asta out for lying and warns her that she has her eye on her.

Later, she is back at the bar when Jay comes in, asking to interview her about the mountain rescue. D'Arcy tries to play it off as not having been a big hero, saying that everyone is idolizing her, but Jay replies that she's only doing for it for the school newspaper for extra credit. At this, D'Arcy relents, but then becomes annoyed again when Jay brings up her past as an Olympic skier, only to end up having her dreams crushed. She moves the interview forward to the part of the actual rescue, but Jay is shocked when she learned that they all could have died, realizing just how close her own mother was to death.

Before Jay can pursue the matter any further, the conversation is interrupted by the arrival of Judy, who hugs D'Arcy, saying that she almost lost her. The two begin a game of pool together and D'Arcy comments to Judy that everyone is treating her like a big hero except for the two people whose lives she actually saved, who are ignoring her. She says that she should be hanging out with her friend and Judy replies that she's her friend, that the two of them are closer than her and Asta. D'Arcy brushes this off, saying that it bothers her that she can't get in touch with D'Arcy and that it's freaking her out. Judy agrees that Asta could be dead and D'Arcy asks her how this is helping.

Deciding to take matters into her own hands, D'Arcy visits Harry's cabin in the dark of night. She pounds on the door, asking Asta or Harry to let her in, but gets no response. She then goes around to the back and breaks into the basement. There, she discovers the lock on the freezer. She grabs a nearby ax sitting on the shelf and busts it, then opens the freezer. Finding only a bunch of packaged meat products inside, she closes it back up, turns away and starts to climb the stairs. Something, however, stops her. She heads back, opens the freezer back up and moves some of the meat packages aside, revealing the face of the human Harry Vanderspeigle. She screams in horror.

New connections[]

D'Arcy returns to the cabin with Sheriff Mike Thompson and Deputy Liv Baker. By this time, however, Harry the alien has returned to the cabin and moved the body. D'Arcy insists that she's being gaslighted, and takes Liv down to the freezer, only to find no body. They accuse her of having had too much to drink. Convinced that she's being set up, she flies into a rage and insists that she won't leave, causing her to get arrested. She puts up a fight, but is eventually dragged into the sheriff car by Thompson.

She is bailed out of jail by Asta Twelvetrees. Afterwards, she tells Asta that she knows she and Harry murdered someone and she has a plan to spirit them away. Asta, however, tells her that she didn't kill anyone, that she would know if she did that. D'Arcy accepts this, saying that she must really have been seeing things and says that it's a new low for her. Nevertheless, she accuses Asta of keeping a big secret from her. When Asta denies it, she points out that she has a tell, saying that she gets all touchy and huggy when she's lying. When she continues to deny it, she thanks her for bailing her out and walks away. She is later sitting on a bench in the evening when she is approached by Mayor Ben Hawthorne. He asks what she's doing there and the two talk about past events, her saying that she's not happy. When he expresses surprise at this, she asks if he's happy and he admits that he isn't, but he never was. She tells him that she once had a chance at being happy, but it all went south when she hurt her leg. He tells her that she can be happy, that she's amazing. When she tries to play this off, he replies that she's fearless and that he wishes he could be like her, that he's scared of everything. He tells her that he looks at her and feels less scared. Stunned, she kisses him, but he breaks it off, reminding her that he's married. He gets up and leaves and she curses at herself for blowing the moment, then takes a drink from a flask.

D'Arcy encounters Jay at Joe's Diner, her having gotten a new part-time job there as a waitress. She asks her how her article is coming along and Jay blurts out that Asta Twelvetrees is her mother. Thinking that Jay is joking, D'Arcy quips that Sheriff Mike is her father then, stunned, realizes that Jay is serious. Jay comments that she's not surprised that Asta didn't tell her, that she's been trying to keep it quiet. She continues that she doesn't know what to do, that she feels like she can't talk about it with anyone, not with her adoptive parents and certainly not with her father, Jimmy. D'Arcy tells her that she can talk to her, but she replies that she can't live there like this. D'Arcy tells her that she's not running away, nor is she alone. She asks if she can get free onion rings, saying that it's part of the plan. The two then head outside, where Jay confronts Jimmy, telling him that she knows he's her father and that she'll kill him if he ever touches her mother again. This also serves as a distraction for D'Arcy to send Jimmy's vehicle rolling down the hill. She asks Jay if she feels better and Jay admits that she does as the two of them watch Jimmy run helplessly after his vehicle and then it crashes. They then both agree that they should get out of there.

Play ball![]

Asta Twelvetrees learns from nurse Ellen that D'Arcy hooked up with Ethan Stone. Later, D'Arcy is a player at a baseball at Patience's park. Judy Cooper is there, teasing her, when Harry Vanderspeigle shows up at the ballpark, trying to interfere as his spaceship has crashed there. Although it is invisible, he does not want anyone to discover it. He catches a ball that would have impacted his spaceship, saying that the game is over, but D'Arcy shouts at him to get off the field. Asta then shows up and cuts the field's lights off, ending the game in a much more effective manner.

Later, as Asta prepares to go home from work, D'Arcy rides up next to her on a tandem bike. The two take a ride together and Asta calls the break a relief, saying that Ethan Stone hasn't shown up at the clinic for two days. D'Arcy asks playfully who this is and Asta comments that she hooked up with him and thought she didn't know. D'Arcy comments that they both know each other's secrets now. Asta is a bit alarmed at first, thinking that D'Arcy somehow knows about Harry being an alien. "Jay told me," comments D'Arcy and Asta realizes that she is actually talking about her being Jay's mother. She says that she should have told her about Jay, but D'Arcy says she understands. She tells Asta about how she and Jay wrecked Jimmy's vehicle, saying that sometimes you have to slay a monster for your best friend. Asta is touched by this.

Boat ride and poker[]

D'Arcy shows up at the Patience Health Clinic, where she is stunned to discover that Dr. Smallwood is the new town doctor, thinking that the elderly woman had been dead for around thirty years. She offers to take Asta out for a day of fun, but she is reluctant because the clinic still being swamped with work following the disappearance of Dr. Ethan Stone. Nevertheless, D'Arcy finally convinces her. Meanwhile, Mayor Ben acts awkward around her, still bothered about the kiss.

D'Arcy and Asta set off on their boat ride, D'Arcy saying that they need it, that they work way too hard. Asta puts on some music, commenting that she listened to a million times when she was pregnant with Jay. D'Arcy says that she should have been there for Asta, not "some stupid playlist," but Asta says she didn't even know. D'Arcy tells her that she should have known, that she wishes she had told her. Asta replies that she didn't want to dump it on her, that she was training in Europe and she knew she would leave if she did. She says she didn't want her friend ruining her life too, but D'Arcy quips that she has a great life.

Later, D'Arcy serves as the dealer in the town's weekly poker game, which Harry Vanderspeigle unexpected attends. During the match, she reveals having kissed Ben, a secret that Sheriff Mike tells him to take to the grave. She also hears a story about how the human Harry Vanderspeigle once tried to sell off his cabin. That evening, she sends a text to Asta, telling her to tune in to a particular radio station. When she does so, she hears the song she was listening to earlier on the boat.

Girls' Night[]

D'Arcy gets a text message on her phone, summoning her to the 59 for a "GN59," a girls' night with the other women of the town including Asta, Deputy Liv and Judy Cooper. While there, she encounters Kate Hawthorne, who is showing her cousin Carlyn around the town. She suggests that Kate and Carlyn attend the girls' night. Kate is reluctant at first, but D'Arcy says that she should bring "Kendra" out to play, referring to Kate's alternate personality when she gets drunk. As the festivities continue, she receives a text on her phone and explains to Asta that Jay is having guy drama, surprising Asta with how close the two of them are.

The group eventually retires to what they call "the Yacht Spot," which is really just a campfire area. When the music on Liv's vehicle cuts out, they suggest she get a new one, but she reveals that she makes less money than her husband, despite being a deputy working on a murder case. The group then breaks into the town hall, where they discover a pay gap among the town's male and female employees. They confront Mayor Ben with it. Later, D'Arcy posts a copy of the salary record to a pole, along with the message "Women of Patience have patience no longer." She is confronted by Sheriff Mike, who tells her that posting the sign is against the civil code. In retaliation, she goes up in a helicopter and dumps a massive number of the flyers all over downtown.

Relationship and friendship troubles[]

D'Arcy continues to share Jay's relationship troubles with Asta, who tells her that she's not engaging, but setting boundaries. Later, at the 59, Deputy Liv tries to hook D'Arcy up with a guy from an opposing baseball team named Elliot. The two agree to a dessert date that evening, as D'Arcy is having a dinner date with her parents for her father's birthday. She asks Liv to come along with her, as she has trouble dealing with her controlling parents. Despite this, the dinner turns out to be a disaster. D'Arcy's parents suffocate her, implying without saying directly that she hasn't lived up to her potential. D'Arcy finally exits the restaurant, causing a by upending a table. She then returns to the 59, where Elliot is waiting for her, only to then walk away and get smashed out drunk.

The next day, Nurse Ellen provides D'Arcy with a "hangover IV," trying to hide her from Asta. She ends up encountering Jimmy and the two of them trade barbs before Jimmy reveals that Asta had spent the previous night at his place. She tries to claim that he's lying, but something about his words rings true. She next encounters Asta at the clinic, where the two of them get into a massive fight. D'Arcy rips into Asta for turning to Jimmy for help, while Asta implies that D'Aarcy isn't a good influence on Jay, due to her past history with men. Both very hurt, they stop speaking to each other. They next encounter each other at Patience's Family Day celebration, where D'Arcy is the reigning champion of the "Trial By Fire," a hot chili pepper eating competition. To D'Arcy's surprise, Asta enters the contest as well, and it is clear that she is doing so to try to impress Jay, who is in the audience.

The competition continues until Asta is clearly loosing her cool, sweat rolling down her face. When she starts choking on a pepper, D'Arcy drops out as well in order to help her friend. She gets her water and soft-serve ice cream to dull the pain and the two of them end up reconciling. Asta tells D'Arcy that she shouldn't have said what she did about her and Jay, but D'Arcy tells her that it wasn't wrong, that she's a mess. She says that she should be better by now when it comes to dealing with her parents. In return, Asta tells her that she should not have gone to Jimmy, that it was just that Jimmy was there for her when Jay was born and she didn't know how else to deal. The two then hold a cathartic bonfire, burning an old football sweatshirt of Jimmy's that Asta has been hanging on to.

Ben and Kate[]

Mayor Ben comes to D'Arcy, claiming that he wants to take pictures of the Grady property for the town website. As she is the only person available license to drive an ATV, she has to take him. During the trip, the two of them agree the property has some great views. D'Arcy comments that she should have told Ben to bring Kate along, but he explains that Kate is away with Max on a trip to her mother's place. D'Arcy thinks this is cute, that it's Ben all by himself, and Ben agrees, saying that he can be himself and not have to hold in his farts and such. D'Arcy expresses surprise that he can't be himself with his wife, saying that from what Kate keeps saying, it's all wild sex and dildos with them. Ben tells her that it isn't as great as she thinks, that he has a sign he's been wanting to put up but never felt like he could. He further reveals that whiel he's sure Kate wants lots of children, he in fact is monitoring her ovulation cycles, as he felt that Max was enough to deal with.

The two end up retiring to the Hawthorne residence for his evening, where Ben reveals the sign - "Live, Laugh, Love." D'Arcy encourages him to hang it up and he ends up doing so, with her help. She reveals that she once hid weed in the room that became Max's bedroom back when they were still dating and they end up smoking it. As the two finish putting up the sign, she considers it and says that she always thought it was a stupid sign, but now she gets it. She then ends up passing out on Max's bed and Ben tucks her in. The next morning, she comes downstairs as Kate is getting home, and Ben shoos her back upstairs, forcing her to go out the window.

Sometime following this, D'Arcy pays a visit to the local gym. Staring an old championship photo of herself, she begins a workout routine. She eventually encounters Kate, who is using one of the treadmills. The two end up a friendly competition to see who can go the fastest. When Kate comments that she didn't know that D'Arcy visited the gym also, D'Arcy quips that she's been taking a recovery day for 15 years. Kate then helps D'Arcy with the rest of her workout routine. The two then head to the 59 for celebratory drinks, D'Arcy claiming that it will help them to get protein. Kate is disgusted when the whisky tastes like soap and D'Arcy explains that it's because it comes from a local brewer. Kate, however, explains that the last time it happened, she was pregnant. D'Arcy congratulates her, offering to bring out a better drink, but Kate tells her she can't drink if she's pregnant. She continues that she's not sure he how she feels about it, though she's sure that Ben wants lots of kids. D'Arcy knows this isn't true, but stops short of revealing what Ben told her. She offers to end the uncertainty by taking Kate to a machine in the 59 which dispenses pregnancy tests. Kate replies that she isn't sure if she's ready, so D'Arcy simply hands her the test, saying that it's there for her when she is ready.

The big blow-up[]

D'Arcy next attends a surprise party for Harry Vanderspeigle, whom Mayor Ben is hoping to woo into once again becoming the town doctor following his firing of Dr. Smallwood. During the party, Asta is surprised to discover D'Arcy with soda and she tells Asta that she's stopped drinking and has even starting going to the gym again. This is news to Asta, who had been away with Harry on a trip to New York, ostensibly a business trip, but secretly to try to find one of Harry's fellow aliens. D'Arcy also reveals that she is actually there without an invite, asking Ben where her invite is.

D'Arcy later joins Kate outside, asking if she has any exciting news, but Kate reveals that she still hasn't taken the pregnancy test yet. She comments that if she takes it and it's positive, then she's pregnant. D'Arcy reminds her that's not how it works. Kate tells her that she was talking with Harry about New York and thinking to herself that it could have been her life, but instead she's stuck in Patience pushing out babies. D'Arcy suggests that they both head inside right now and get the pregnancy test taken care of. So, they do, and it turns out that Kate is indeed pregnant. D'Arcy asks if she's going to tell Ben the good news, but she says not until she's sure it's good news. D'Arcy tells her that she has it and she nods.

Later, Kate approaches D'Arcy, saying that New York is out of the picture, that Ben just got a call from a company that wants to put a resort in Patience and is saying that he's going to be mayor for decades. "Nobody is going to put a resort in Patience," replies D'Arcy, asking just what Kate is talking about. Kate tells her that Ben showed a company pictures of the Grady property and now they want to put a resort there. D'Arcy is shocked, saying that Ben had told her that he just wanted those pictures for the town website. The two of them go over and confront Ben. D'Arcy is mad about him lying to her about the photos being for the town website. Ben says that it wasn't a lie, that he did put the pictures on the website, but she tells him it was totally a lie. Kate, meanwhile, is mad that Ben went rock-climbing with D'Arcy without telling him, if this is the "nothing" that he said he did when he claimed he was doing nothing during the time that she was away at her mother's place.

"Oh shit," comments Sheriff Mike deciding to insert himself into the conversation. He tells Kate that it wasn't Ben's fault, that it was D'Arcy who kissed Ben, not realizing that nothing had been said about the kiss. D'Arcy tells Kate that she shouldn't have done it, that she was drunk and in a really horrible place. Kate asks Ben why he didn't just tell her about it if it wasn't his fault. The whole story ends up coming out of D'Arcy spending time at the Hawthorne house and then sneaking out the window. Kate accuses D'Arcy of inserting her drama into other people's lives because she can't deal with it on her own. She also says that she thought D'Arcy was her friend, but she isn't, before revealing to Ben that she's pregnant. She then flees the room.

D'Arcy then turns to Asta, asking if she believes this. Liv's husband, John, comments that it's pretty much dead-on. Harry agrees that she is "really needy." D'Arcy then turns to Liv, hoping for support, but Liv simply walks away. Annoyed, D'Arcy finally leaves the party, heading back to her car to go home. Asta is greatly alarmed when she learns that D'Arcy has left, as unknown to anyone but her, Harry and her adoptive father Dan, there is an alien baby loose in the woods around the cabin. She eventually catches up with D'Arcy, telling her it isn't safe outside because of a rabid racoon. D'Arcy, however, greatly depressed, says that maybe it'll bite her and to not shoot her if she starts foaming at the mouth. Asta tells her to not listen to Kate, that what she said isn't true. "It is, though," replies D'Arcy, asking if Asta knows what her very first thought was when meeting Elliot. "Nice ass," replies Asta, and laughing a little, D'Arcy admits this is true, but her second one was "How long until I mess this one up?" She asks Asta what's wrong with her, and Asta tells her to unmess it, telling D'Arcy to call him. D'Arcy says that she won't, so Asta threatens to call him instead, until D'Arcy finally takes the phone, agreeing to text him. She asks what she would even say and Asta suggests simply "Hi." D'Arcy agrees that this is "kinda brilliant" and sends the message. She states that now the painful waiting begins, but is surprised to almost immediately get a "hi" back. Asta asks if she's going to text him back, but she replies that she will in a couple days, that she isn't desperate.

Later, D'Arcy is still in the woods, when to her shock, she hears gunshots. She races to the scene, stunned to find Harry bleeding from the chest but still standing apparently alright. Asta, meanwhile, is holding a smoking gun, a man dead on the ground in front of Harry, having been shot in the back.


"Oh my God, he has his vitamins in alphabetical order. He's a psycho. I'm so turned on."
- D'Arcy Bloom to Asta Twelvetrees, regarding Harry Vanderspeigle, "Secrets"

"I think that was his first boner."
- D'Arcy Bloom to Asta Twelvetrees, "Secrets"

"What were you doing up here? I told you not to go up on the glacier."
"It is your fault. The ice caved in because you are too heavy."
"Okay, we're leaving him."
- D'Arcy Bloom and Harry Vanderspeigle, "End of the World As We Know It"


  • Her character was initially announced as "D'Arcy Morin," the name used for the character in the Resident Alien comics, before being finalized as D'Arcy Bloom.
  • According to the Syfy website, in addition to being a bartender, she is also part of Patience's avalanche control team.[1] This is later seen when she first warns Harry Vanderspeigle away from Patience's glacier and later rescues both him and Asta Twelvetrees.
  • The best-friend relationship between Asta and D'Arcy was not initially planned, but grew out of the performance as the show's staff saw the chemistry between their respective actresses.[2]


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