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David Logan is a character in the science fiction comedy television series Resident Alien. He and Lisa Casper are dispatched by General McCallister to find the alien. David Logan is portrayed by Alex Barima.

Character overview[]

David Logan is a Lieutenant in the U.S. military. Working in the area of Patience, Colorado, he becomes involved into the investigation of the strange goings-on surrounding the arrival of the alien who assumed the identity "Harry Vanderspeigle." He works together with Lisa Casper, made to pose as a member of a married couple with her under the names Richard "Dick" and Sarah Houston. He becomes shocked by her actions, as she seems to be willing to do anything at all to keep their mission secret, including killing innocent civilians.


David Logan is a tall African-American man with buzz-cut black hair. He wears a military uniform with his last name on it.

Plot summary[]


David Logan and Lisa Casper are out investigating in the snowy mountains of Colorado when they come across something bizarre: the skeleton of a man and two birds of prey floating mysteriously in mid-air.


Logan and Casper visit a bar, where they encounter a cowboy who tells them a tale of having met the alien who later assumed the identity of Harry Vanderspeigle. He tells them how he was out riding in the countryside when he came upon the alien. He claims to have kicked the alien into the next county, though not before the alien stole his hat and his horse. Logan gushes about his story as being unbelievable, saying that this is why they enjoy traveling around and meeting other "alien experiencers." Casper presses him to tell them where the alien was headed, but he tells her that liquor has already made him say too much and that they can read about it in his book that he's writing. He leaves, and the two follow him outside, where Casper ambushes, snaps his neck, and seizes his manuscript. "You killed him?!" asks Logan, shocked, saying that they're not supposed to kill people, that it isn't their orders. "Looks like you and I have different orders," Casper replies.

"Birds of a Feather"[]

The two continue their journeys in a motor-home, stopping at a gas station. Logan again grills Casper on her killing of the writer, and she comments that according to the paper it was a simple robbery and that violence is up in America's rural areas. He asks her what's wrong with her, that their orders were to find the alien that crashed and not go around murdering people. She counters that the general ordered them to deliver the alien that crashed without anyone knowing about it and therefore things will get messy. She says that he's acting as though the alien is just going to come to them. As she's saying this, Harry Vanderspeigle is actually standing right outside the vehicle. She tells Logan that she'll sum it up for him: that she'll eliminate anything getting in the way of the mission, which might include him if he doesn't shut up. Aggravated, Logan gets out of the vehicle, slamming the door behind him, and goes to have a pee. He finds himself behind Vanderspeigle, who asks him if he shivers when he pees. "Sometimes," he admits, and Vanderspeigle says that it's good.

"Sexy Beast"[]

A flashback reveals how Logan came be where he is now. In a briefing, he reported to a group of superiors, including General McCallister. There, he told them that a few hours before, fighter pilots in the strait of Hormuz engaged with an unidentified aircraft. The craft in question suddenly vanished and then he picked up the same infrared signature over Colorado, something which could only happen by teleportation. The vessel then lost altitude and he believed it crashed somewhere in New Mexico. Hearing this, McCallister asked if he was talking about "little green men," saying that both this and his use of the word "teleportation" gave her pause. She suggested that he might be in need of medical leave. "Yes, General," he agreed and exited the room, heading for his car.

Back inside his car, he was shocked by the sudden appearance of McCalister at the window, who told him that he was exactly right that the aircraft in question was an alien ship. She told him that they all knew it, but if it went through the normal channels, it would just get swallowed into a classified black hole. She didn't want that, so she ordered him to investigate, telling him that he was to tell nobody. When he indicated a picture of his girlfriend, Lisa Casper told him that he didn't have a girlfriend anymore, that he had just broken up with her via text. McCallister then introduced Casper as his new "wife," saying that she was going to help him to find the ship and whoever was flying it. In another flashback, Logan and Casper were out searching for the ship when they reached a spot that Logan identified as the likely location for Vanderspeigle's spaceship. There seemed to be nothing there, but they then discover that the vessel is cloaked. They bring the ship back to McCallister, who compares it with a photo of a spaceship she took as a little girl, though it not the same. Back in the present day, Vanderspeigle arrives at the site where they are holding his spaceship, with Logan and Casper monitoring his every action and a sniper poised to shoot if he runs. A car pulls up directly in front of him.

"The Green Glow"[]

The occupant of the car exits and it turns out to be wife of the human Harry Vanderspeigle, Isabelle, who has tracked down the alien, believing him to be her wife. Witnessing their confrontation, Logan declares it a marriage squabble, but Casper orders the sniper to shoot Vanderspeigle anyway. Logan hastily orders the sniper to stand down, commenting that there is something seriously wrong with Casper. In another flashback, Casper points out a door on Vanderspeigle's spaceship, suggesting they use a crowbar to open it. Logan counters that they've never seen this type of material before, leading Casper to suggest using dynamite and Logan to say to McCallister that this is exactly the sort of thing he's been telling her about, referencing the fact that Casper killed someone. He asks for more time and McCallister agrees, but warns him not to make her regret it. Later on, Logan is staring at the ship at the base when he comes to an alarming conclusion. He shows Casper and McCallister some books about ancient civilizations and about how one of them was apparently wiped off the map by extraterrestrials. He indicates a symbol in the book that's the same as the one on Vanderspeigle's spaceship, saying that he thinks the alien is there to kill them all. Back in the present day, as Vanderspeigle closes in on device on the mountain, Logan monitors a display which lights up with a location, as the spaceship itself lights up with a strange energy and lightbulbs shatter around them.

"End of the World As We Know It"[]

Unknown to those at the base, the device is reacting to Harry Vanderspeigle's presence. However, when he falls into a crevasse, the device falls with him and loses power, causing the tether to be lost for time being. With no other leads, General McCallister orders Casper and Logan back to Colorado to try to find whoever it was that was piloting the spaceship.

The two find themselves in Joe's Diner in Patience, where Logan argues with Casper that they're running out of time. The diner's manager, Dan Twelvetrees, warns them not to linger as there is a major storm coming. They return to their van, where Logan tells Casper that they can't do this alone anymore and need backup. He starts to radio the military, only to be knocked out cold by Casper, who comments that herself that he should know by now that the mission is secret and anybody that's not okay with that won't live very long. Just then, one of the "Have you seen this alein [sic]?" posters made by the boy Max Hawthorne blows onto the van's windshield. "And you said we'd never find it," Casper comments to the unconscious Logan.

"Welcome Aliens"[]

Logan and Casper pose as a married couple, Sarah and Richard "Dick" Houston, who are having problems having children and get invited to dinner at the Hawthornes by Kate Hawthorne, whom Casper has ingratiated herself with. During the dinner, Logan annoys Casper by claiming that "Sarah" is probably too old to have kids. She warns him to leave the "baby talk" to her and just do his job keeping them engaged so she can go on a reconnaissance mission. She suggests that Logan talk to Ben Hawthorne about his candle-making hobby, something that she discovered while searching for info about him on the Internet. While she excuses herself on the pretense of going to the washroom, she sneaks into Max Hawthorne's room and Logan keeps Ben Hawthorne engaged by getting him to show him his candle workshop. She is caught by Kate, but claims that she just really wanted to see a child's room, saying that it's not her that's actually the problem when it comes to having kids, but rather "Dick."

"Heroes of Patience"[]

Logan and Casper follow Max when he leaves the house, hoping that he will lead them to the alien. They, however, are tricked by the boy and his friend Sahar. Sahar fakes an accident with her bicycle, temporarily waylaying them and cutting off their pursuit of Max. Both of them circle around back to the Hawthorne home, where they begin monitoring the activities of the two agents by tracking them via Kate Hawthorne's cell-phone. Ultimately, however, the two realize that they have been tricked and make their way back to the Hawthorne home. They force their way and take the two children captive. Once inside, Casper demands from Max everything he knows about the alien.

Logan tries to reason with him, telling him that the alien is there to kill everyone. When Max doesn't believe him, he tells him that the alien's ship is a Quimbaya amulet. His words resident with Sahar, who immediately tells Max that Logan is telling them the truth and that the alien is, in fact, there to kill everyone. Max, however, says that he talk him out of it. Just then, Kate Hawthorne comes from downstairs, where she had been exercising. Casper forces her into a closet and locks her in. She then goes high-pressure on Max, showing him the pictures he had drawn of Vanderspeigle and demanding to know why he's wearing a white coat. Max finally agrees that he'll tell him. He does so and Casper pulls out a gun. "We're not doing that," Logan tells her, but Casper replies that they're doing what she says they're doing. Just then, Kate breaks out of the closet. At the same time, Ben forces his way inside the house. The two proceed to swiftly disarm Casper and then deliver both agents an epic beating, using every household object they can their hands on. The two flee in terror, in pain and humiliated, but nevertheless still able to walk.

They pay a visit to the Patience Health Clinic, where they capture Dr. Ethan Stone, Max having told them that the alien is the "town doctor." They subdue him and bag him up, Logan warning Casper to be careful, that they don't know what he's capable of. Just then, General McCallister and her forces pull up. Logan tells McCallister that he got her alien and he is now done with Casper, that she's an unhinged psychotic. "I agree completely," replies McCallister and directs Casper to turn her gun on Logan. He asks if they're Men In Black and she tells him that they're not called that, that he's watched too many movies. She says if she wanted them involved, she would have told her superiors. She tells him that what's happening is bigger than anything he can imagine and that it's too bad he won't be there to see it play out. "Get rid of him," she orders Casper and Casper readies to shoot him, reminding him of her previous statement about having different orders. Before she can do so, however, a group of civilians including children walks by. She puts away the gun and she and the others take off, her telling Logan "Kill ya later." A confused Logan is left standing alone outside the clinic.

"Old Friends"[]

Following this incident, Logan secretly takes up residence in Ethan Stone's home. He has a close encounter when D'Arcy Bloom comes looking for Ethan, as he has not shown up for work at the clinic. The two come within inches of each and Logan hides around a corner holding a gun, but breathes a sigh of relief when Bloom leaves.

"Girls' Night"[]

Logan uses a satellite dish to try to track McCallister. He despairs when the dish loses signal, wondering just where he can find another one.

"Family Day"[]

Logan takes up residence in a secluded shack somewhere in Patience, still trying to track McCallister. He takes an alien ball, shrunk down from Harry Vanderspeigle's spaceship, which was originally stolen by Sahar. When he spills a cup of coffee, he discover the ball's special properties, as the coffee hovers above it.

"Alien Dinner Party"[]

Logan and McCallister meet on a bridge in a nature preserve high above a rushing river. She asks him where the alien ball is and how she knows that the video he showed her isn't a fake. He tells her that she's going to have to trust him, but she counters that trust in short supply, given that she was going to have him killed. She tells him that she wants to see it. He holds it out, then pulls it away. She asks him what he wants and he tells her that if she gets the ball he gets his life back. He wants an honorable discharge and full pension. He starts to continue that he doesn't want anybody trying to come after him, but before he can finish the thought, he is shot by a sniper from above, causing him and the alien ball to fall into the river below. McAllister then withdraws her own weapon and starts firing, but is unable to get a bead on the sniper. She flees, and up above, the sniper blinks an alien set of eyes.


"You killed him?! Those aren't our orders!"
"Looks like you and I have different orders."
- David Logan and Lisa Casper, "Secrets"

"Just leave the baby talk to me, okay? I'm the mother-to-be."
"Well, that's not what the doctor said."
"Hey, listen, asshole, just do your job. Keep them engaged so I can go on a little reconnaissance mission. I did an Internet deep dive and found pictures of Ben making these shitty candles. Ask him about it."
- Lisa Casper and David Logan, "Welcome Aliens"




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