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Ellen is a character in the science fiction comedy television series Resident Alien. She is portrayed by Diana Bang.

Character overview[]

Ellen is a nurse working at the Patience Health Clinic. She is one of at least two nurses active at the clinic, along with Asta Twelvetrees.


Plot summary[]

When Dr. Ethan Stone comes to the Patience clinic to replace Harry Vanderspeigle as the town doctor, Ellen tells Asta Twelvetrees that she saw him and that he's gorgeous. Twelvetrees replies that she's being inappropriate and that it doesn't matter so long as he's a good physician, but Ellen says that it won't hurt to have something nice to look at for once. Annoyed, Vanderspeigle thinks to himself that he's both handsome and ravishing.

Sheriff Mike Thompson and Deputy Liv Baker visit the clinic, asking her what she thought of the behavior of Jay, an intern who used to work at the clinic, if she had noticed anything unusual. She replies that she was always a bit shifty and quiet, like she was planning something, and that she once microwaved fish in the kitchen, which was rude. However, when Asta Twelvetrees comes out, asking there is a problem, she backpedals and tells her that Thompson and Baker think that Jay stole the prescription pads, but that she said Jay was nice and would never do that.

When Harry Vanderspeigle, Asta Twelvetrees and D'Arcy Bloom are trapped in a crevasse on the mountain overlooking Patience, Bloom manages to rescue them all and then drives Twelvetrees and a badly injured Vanderspeigle to the clinic. Twelvetrees then shouts for Bloom to get help, so Bloom exits the vehicle and enters the clinic, then comes back out with Ellen, ready with a wheelchair. The two find, however, that Twelvetrees has taken off on them, not knowing that Twelvetrees left in order to protect Vanderspeigle's secret that he is actually an alien.


"I saw the new doctor, and he is gorgeous."
"Ellen, that’s inappropriate. Just as long as he’s a good physician."
"Doesn’t hurt to have something nice to look at for once."
- Ellen and Asta Twelvetrees

"They think Jay stole the prescription pads. I said she was nice and would never do that."
- Ellen, lying to Asta Twelvetrees



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