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Dr. Ethan Stone is a character in the science fiction comedy television series Resident Alien. He is portrayed by Michael Cassidy.

Character overview[]

Dr. Ethan Stone is tapped by Mayor Ben Hawthorne to become the new town doctor of Patience, Colorado and replace Harry Vanderspeigle, who had been filling in following the death of Sam Hodges. An accomplished physician, he has traveled to Haiti as part of his work with Doctors Without Borders. He is also an athlete, having rowed in Sydney in 2000 and skied in Torino in 2006. His notable good looks and charming personality bring him into immediate conflict with Vanderspeigle, an alien in human form, who feels jealousy about the attention heaped on Stone and insecurity due to his lingering worries about fooling others with his human act.


Plot summary[]

Dr. Ethan Stone is brought in to serve as a more permanent replacement doctor for the Patience Health Clinic. He replaces Harry Vanderspeigle, an alien who has been posing as the real Vanderspeigle. Vanderspeigle is immediately annoyed both by Stone's good looks and seemingly perfect record and pedigree. When Stone pays a visit to the town pub, The 59, the two end up getting into an arm-wrestling competition and Vanderspeigle can't understand why nobody cheers for him when he ends up actually dislocating Stone's arm during the match.

Stone continues his duties at the clinic, proving to be a good and competent doctor. However, things take an unexpected turn for him when two government agents, Lisa Casper and David Logan, visit the town, searching for the alien. They are misled by the boy Max Hawthorne, who tells them that the alien is the "town doctor." Based on this information, they pay a visit to the clinic, where they confront Stone and then knock him out. They then deliver him into the hands of General McCallister, a U.S. army general who has been searching for proof of alien activity on Earth ever since an encounter as a child. She and a group of agents then spirit Stone away.





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