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Harry Vanderspeigle, real name unpronounceable by humans, is a character in the science fiction comedy television series Resident Alien. He is an alien who crash-lands on Earth and takes over the life of a doctor in the town of Patience. Harry is portrayed by Alan Tudyk.

Character overview[]

Harry has the ability to morph into the form of another species and does this with Harry Vanderspeigle, completely assuming his identity after killing him. He then learns English through watching television, particularly old reruns of Law and Order. He hides out in a small shack by a lake and his first major test comes when he is forced to assume Harry's role as a doctor, summoned to the town of Patience to investigate a murder. He has lost a portion of his spacecraft and is desperately searching for it in order to complete his mission before somebody else finds it. His mission is the genocide of the entire human species and he considers his own interaction with humans a distraction he must now deal with to avoid being detected before he can complete his job. His species has no human emotions and he finds, to his annoyance, that he is beginning to experience human emotions upon having assumed human form. Despite being on a mission to kill all humans, his short time in a human form has already led him to become protective towards Asta Twelvetrees, Sam Hodges's nurse who is now working under him. He has no qualms at first, however, about attempting to kill Max Hawthorne, a young boy who is able to see through his human form.

Due to his unfamiliarity with human behavior and nuances, Harry Vanderspeigle is often bluntly honest. This comes across as refreshing to some, but often annoys or exasperates others. He also has trouble with humor and often realizes only after seeing other's reactions that he has said something that they consider to be funny. Although he has trouble with bowling, he proves a natural at shooting a basketball, though has trouble with the nuances of the game, such as dribbling and passing the ball.

The star of his home system is approximately 46 light-years away from Earth and can be found in the sky some distance underneath the Big Dipper. He claims to Asta Twelvetrees to have had a wife back home, who passed away. He later reveals that his species actually has no genders and his wife was simply his partner. Furthermore, an impregnated member of his species gives birth to hundreds of offspring at once and he personally had 342 children. Though as an alien he did not worry about any of them, he now cannot stop thinking about #62, who had his eyes. As he continues to spend time around humans, he finds that he has become increasingly "infected with humanity," troubled by emotions he never felt before and harboring serious doubts about the mission that brought him to Earth.


On the surface, Harry Vanderspeigle appears to be an ordinary human Caucasian male, clean-shaven with short, light-brown hair. In truth, he is an alien with olive-colored skin, big black eyes and ridges across his skin, as well as clawed hands. Whereas the original human Harry Vanderspeigle wore glasses, the alien apparently does not need them in his human form. He describes his human form as looking like a "young Jerry Orbach," based on his knowledge of Earth culture from watching reruns of Law and Order.

Plot summary[]

Arrival and trying to fit in[]

Harry Vanderspeigle arrived on Earth in his spaceship, his mission simply to deposit a device which would result in the destruction of the entire human species. His spaceship struck down in a lightning storm, he wandered the countryside of Colorado for a time before coming across the cabin of Harry Vanderspeigle on the outskirts of the city of Patience. He killed the man in what he considered self-defense, sending his body through one of the cabin's windows and into an icy lake. He then used his species' metamorphic abilities to assume the man's identity and began learning to behave as a human, largely through watching old reruns of Law and Order on television.

For several months, the Vanderspeigle alien lived a solitary life, spending his time searching the countryside for his device, the fragments of his spacecraft, and also at times searching the lake for the body of Harry Vanderspeigle. One day, he was busy searching the lake when Mike Thompson and Liv Baker, the sheriff and sheriff's deputy of Patience, arrived outside of his cabin. Upon meeting him, they told him that there had been a murder in town and they wanted him to investigate, as he was a doctor and the man who had been killed was the town doctor, Sam Hodges. Vanderspeigle reluctantly agreed to accompany the two back to town. There, at the Patience Health Clinic, he made a cursory examination of Hodges and claimed that the man had committed suicide. He then left the doctor's office, where he encountered Max Hawthorne, a young boy who screamed and fled upon seeing him. He realized, to his chagrin, that Max was one of the one in approximately one million humans able to see past his human form. Before he could consider it further, however, Asta Twelvetrees, Hodges's nurse, confronted him and insisted that he return and do a full autopsy.

Vanderspeigle agreed to her demand and the two worked together to complete the autopsy, but Twelvetrees found his behavior and mannerisms to be very odd. Determined to prove that he fit in, Vanderspeigle agreed to her request to join her in the town pub, The 59. There, he met the bartender, D'Arcy Bloom, danced with her, and learned something of the town's history. He also got very drunk and, afterwards, decided that the best way to deal with the boy Max was to try to kill him. He was caught by the boy, who screamed for his parents, then hid under the boy's bed while they escorted him out of his room, convinced that his talk of an alien trying to kill him was simply due to having watched the movie E.T.: The Extraterrestrial. The next day, he returned to town, having agreed to let Twelveetrees use his truck to move some boxes out of her old home. He ended up encountering her ex-husband, Jimmy. She tried to send him away, but he hid out and observed him abusing her, at which point he pulled him through the wall of his home and throttled him within an inch of his life. When Twelvetrees asked how he managed what he did, he wrote it off as having done yoga.

Vanderspeigle attended the funeral of Sam Hodges and confronted Ben Hawthorne, the town's mayor. He asked him why it was that everyone was calling him, believing him to be the new town doctor. Ben told him that everyone has the right to medical care and, as the town's mayor, it was his job to ensure that they get it. He continued that he had a standing 4 P.M. therapy appointment with Hodges on Tuesdays and he wanted to continue it with him. He walked away and Twelvetrees joined Vanderspeigle. A passing comment she made led him to have a brainwave and realize that rather than committing suicide, Hodges was poisoned. To everyone's shock, he opened Hodges's coffin, telling Twelvetrees that if he waited, it would be too late. After Twelvetrees led him away from the shocked priest and mourners, he explained his new theory: Hodges had been poisoned, causing his throat to constrict. He attempted to give himself a tracheotomy, but passed away before he could complete the procedure.

The next day, Vanderspeigle returned to the clinic, beginning his new job as the town doctor. He was led into the exam room to meet his first patient, but upon pulling back the curtain, discovered Max Hawthorne, the boy from before, who screamed loudly. "Yeah, this is some bullshit," he agreed.

First day on the job[]

Vanderspeigle made another cursory attempt to kill the boy, but he ran away and hid under a bench outside. With the boy gone, he began his first day at work as the new town doctor, bluffing his way through the job. As an alien of superior intelligence, he figured that he could just look up everything he needed on the Internet, but the initial work proved more challenging than he might have guessed. Trying to give a woman a pelvic exam, his attempt to hide his Internet search resulted in him accidentally flashing a photo, which he explained away as taking a selfie. Later, he gave a woman a breast exam and insulted her by using the term "tit."

That evening, Vanderspeigle met Asta Twelvetrees's adoptive father, Dan, who upon seeing him told her that he had a "bad feeling." When she replied that he has a bad feeling regarding any man within ten feet of her, he told that when he looked at Vanderspeigle, he felt nothing at all. Afterwards, while out walking, he noticed a number of wanted posters with a picture of his alien form, made by Max using a sketch created by deputy Liv Baker. Realizing that the boy wasn't going to give up, he decided to take a different tack and call up Max's home, pretending to be one of Max's school friends. When Max took the phone, however, he realized that the voice on the other end of the line wasn't that of a child and quickly sussed out Vanderspeigle's ruse. Frustrated, Vanderspeigle again shouted that he was going to kill the boy.

An emptiness[]

Back at the clinic, Asta Twelvetrees set Vanderspeigle up in the nurse's office, explaining that she didn't yet want anyone to be in Sam Hodges's office. He asked her about her struggles with Sam Hodges's death and she told him that she didn't have anyone to talk to when she was sad as a child, as she and her father didn't get along well and she moved out. He asked her why she moved back and she admitted that she missed home. When, however, she tried to ask him about his own past, and where he was from, however, he evaded the question, saying that he was hungry. Reflecting that the human form was often confusing to him and he was often struck with an emptiness that didn't go away despite eating, Vanderspeigle traveled to the pub from before. When D'Arcy Bloom asked him why he was there, he told her that he had been hungry, but for some reason no longer was. She suggested that it might be stress, admitting to being a big stress eater. She offered him some more whiskey, but he refused, saying that he had tried to kill someone the last time that he drank it. Taking this for a joke, she quipped that if he was going to kill someone, he should make it look like an accident or else he wouldn't be able to go bowling with her the next evening. This led him to the conclusion that he could kill Max Hawthorne and make it look like an accident. He accepted her request and left, wondering to himself what bowling was.

The next day, he gave a counseling session to Ben Hawthorne, discovering that the man sometimes fantasized about being a kid again. Their session was interrupted by a loud argument, as the widow of Sam Hodges had arrived in the office and was trying to claim his possessions, despite Twelvetrees's insistence that the place was a crime scene and nobody was allowed to touch everything. As he watched the ongoing argument, he reflected to himself that pathetic humans allowed emotions to dictate their behavior. That evening, he went bowling with Bloom as promised. At the bowling alley, the two were surprised to encounter Sheriff Mike Thompson, Bloom quipping that he ought to be out solving crime. The two both bowled strikes, but when Vnaderpseigle took his turn, his attempt at calculating a shot using math resulted only in his accidentally lobbing the ball backwards into Thompsons's crotch, an embarrassing failure. Thompson left and he and Bloom sat down to talk. He asked Bloom when the snow on the mountain usually melted and she replied that it all depended on when they got a good rain and it could happen in as little in a week. The conversation turned to skiing and Bloom admitted that she had once had dreams of skiing in the Olympics, dreams that were dashed when she fell and broke several bones. The comment gave Vanderspeigle an idea and he rose suddenly from their table, telling her that he had to go.

Vanderpseigle reflected that Max Hawthorne rode his bike every morning to school and that he wouldn't survive without brakes. He cut the brakes on the boy's bike, considering it a genius plan. The next day, however, he was working the clinic when he was told that Ben Hawthorne was there and that there had been an accident. "I'm sorry for your loss," he told Ben. "What loss?" asked Ben, showing him Max and telling him that he had fallen in his driveway and needed stitches. "That's it?" asked Vanderspeigle, stunned. He and Max squared off, him saying that he didn't bite, then whispering to Max that he actually did. He told him that they had Novocain for good boys, asking him if he was going to be a good boy. "Of course," Max agreed for the benefit of his father, who was listening from a distance, before whispering to Vanderspeigle, "No, never." Vanderspeigle then stitched up Max's wound, Max grimacing through the pain, but refusing to give. As he and Ben walked out, Vanderspiegle warned "Remember, if you're not careful, something horrible can happen to you." Max shot back that he could take care of himself, then tricked Vanderspeigle by making him think his shoe was untied. That evening, at the clinic, Asta Twelvetrees admitted to Vanderspeigle that Dan wasn't her biological father, that her mother left her when she was one and that Dan took her in and raised her. He agreed to play a card game with her, telling her he'd put his stuff in his office, referring to the nurse's office. She, however, told him that Hodges's office was his office now. As the two played cards, he reflected that he didn't want to, but he could tell that Asta was sad. He wondered how it was that he could feel an emotion that was inside somebody else. As he continued his search of the mountains, he discovered tellurium, a substance from his home planet with anti-gravitational properties. He realized that human emotions were growing inside of him and the emptiness he had been feeling was loneliness. He reflected further that now that he had found the tellurium, he could heal the loneliness by flying home once he found his device undiscovered and detonated it, frying every human being on Earth.

Another body[]

Vanderspeigle continued to search for the remains of spaceship, but found his progress hindered by an avalanche caused by others who were searching the mountain. One morning, he heard a knock at his door and opened it to find Kate Hawthorne, the mother of the boy Max. She stated that her son told her that he was an alien. Alarmed, he secretly reached for a knife, already readying himself to kill her, when she asked him what was wrong with her son, why it was that he was making things up. He clarified that she did not, in fact, believe her son's story. Relieved, he told her that she didn't have anything to worry about. She showed him a wanted poster that had been created by Max, saying that he was driving her crazy and asking him as a doctor if there was anything they could do. "Move," he suggested, saying that Scotland needed mayors. She told him point blank that her family wasn't moving and he played it off as a joke, saying that Max was probably just looking for attention. She agreed that this made sense, as she tried to avoid Max during the day, with it being awkward for him to have a mother who worked at school. "Neglect," agreed Vanderspeigle, telling her she could go.

Later that morning, he discovered Max lying in wait for him outside the clinic. The two traded barbs and Max accused him of ripping down his posters. He shot back that he could put them back up if he wanted, that nobody believed him, not even his parents. The two got into an argument regarding Vanderspeigle's knowledge of Earth's history and culture that ended with Max getting the one-up and Vanderspeigle calling him an "asshole." Inside the clinic, he had a discussion with Asta Twelvetrees in which he revealed that he was having trouble sleeping (in fact, was not able to at all), which was interrupted by the arrival of a summons to the town hall on a report that there had been another dead body found, this time in the lake. Upon arriving at the town hall, however, he learned that what had actually been discovered was an individual foot, found by fisherman out trawling the lake. He quickly realized that the foot in question was that of Harry Vanderspeigle, the doctor whose identity he had assumed. Sheriff Mike Thompson expressed that they had a serial killer in town, which he felt was a good thing, because serial killers were easier to catch than normal murderers. He announced that he was sending the foot to Denver for DNA testing and Vanderspeigle panicked, as he knew that the results of the DNA test would implicate him.

Hatching a plan, Vanderspeigle asked Thompson to give him the foot. He told him that he had experience in pathology and that he could take a sample, rather than it being necessary to send the whole foot to Denver. Thompson agreed that this was a good idea and ordered him to take a skin sample. Then, while examining a baby who had been brought to the office, he asked if the boy had been circumcised. When she said that he hadn't, he told her that she really should consider it, that it could reduce both urinary tract infections and STDs. Somehow, he got the woman to agree to the procedure, then delivered the foreskin to Thompson, passing it off as the skin sample from the foot. That evening, he tried again to sleep, only to be disturbed by the sudden arrival of Mike Thompson, his deputy Liv Baker and their police dog Cletus, as well as Ben and Kate Hawthorne. Thompson announced that they were going to be searching the lake and would not stop until they found the body the foot had come from. He and the others departed for the lake, leaving the dog behind.

Alien's victory[]

As the search got underway, Vanderspeigle lamented that he didn't like this feeling, that even the dog was making him nervous. He flashed back to a time when he had no feelings, when he was still wandering the wilderness and he encountered a cowboy on horseback and stole both his horse and hat. Back in the present, he heard Cletus's barking and discovered that the dog had found the body of the human Vanderspeigle washed upon the shore. Fighting the dog the whole way, he dragged the body back inside the cabin, only to be startled by the sudden arrival of D'Arcy Bloom and Judy, who had been watching the search on the lake, but had gotten bored. He told them he was just standing there doing nothing and they told him about their own activities, saying that it was like their town's version of a drive-in. They asked to use his bathroom and he allowed it. They did so, examining his medicine cabinet in the process, and he then ushered them out. They told him that they didn't want to stay anyway, that they were going to a party, but it was a girl's night out thing, so he couldn't come.

Vanderspeigle was relieved at their exit. Sometime later, the search at the beach was called off due to the mayor's seasickness, and Thompson and Baker returned to Vanderspeigle's to collect Cletus. Upon arrival, however, they discovered the dog barking its head off. Despite Vanderspeigle's pleas that they couldn't go in, the dog led them directly to the cabin's basement and its freezer. Thinking the dog was onto something, Thompson opened the freezer, only to discover a number of wrapped packages labeled as meat products - "bison," "pork chops," etc. He said that this explained things, that Cletus was crazy for meat. He agreed that there was nothing to see there and he, Baker and Cletus cleared out. Vanderspeigle then crowed to himself over his victory, as the body of the human Vanderspeigle was in the freezer, buried carefully underneath the piles of meat packages. The next day, he returned to the clinic, where he discovered Twelvetrees applying a lock to the desk drawer where Hodges had kept his prescription pads. He told her that he also had some things he needed to lock away and she asked who he even was. "Just a... guy," he told her. Later that day, he was eating in Joe's Diner when the girl Sahar, who claimed to believe Max Hawthorne's story, came in for a closer look at him and then knocked over his drink cup before running away with Hawthorne.

Guess who's coming to dinner[]

Vanderspeigle had a dream in which he walked through the town of Patience in his alien form, receiving warm regards from everyone he met before finally returning home to an alien wife and baby. There, he received a package from a friendly mailman, which turned out to contain the device he'd been searching for. It activated, killing every human. Vanderspeigle then awoke with a start, commenting that he dreams now. He went out to confront Sheriff Thompson, complaining that his "domesticated wolf" (Cletus) woke him up. He and Deputy Baker explained that they moved their search to the shore.

That afternoon, Vanderspeigle was in a cafe eating pie, when he was approached by Mayor Hawthorne, who told him that he was making progress on finding a new town doctor. He remained sitting there and when Vanderspeigle pointed it out, he explained that he and his wife were concerned about their son's behavior. To this end, they were inviting Vanderspeigle over for dinner. Vanderspeigle tried to refuse, but Hawthorne wouldn't take no for an answer. Vanderspeigle then returned to the clinic, where he tried to invite Asta to come to dinner with him, but she refused, being busy. She, however, volunteered D'Arcy Bloom, who agreed to come. Meanwhile, Asta accused Jay of stealing one of Sam Hodges's prescription pads. Jay tried to play it off and Vanderspeigle asked why Asta would ask her that. Jay thought he was backing her up, only for him to comment that statistically she was the one most likely to have stolen it.

Vanderspeigle arrived over at the Hawthornes' place, where Ben and Kate were surprised to discover that he had brought a date. Vanderspeigle, meanwhile, was surprised to discover that Max was being perfectly civil towards him, unaware that outside, Max's friend Sahar was busy stealing his keys to make copies of them. The dinner proceeded, with Kate discovering that Bloom and her husband had a shared history. As for Vanderspeigle, during a moment alone with Max, he asked him why he was being so nice, given how many times that he had tried to kill him. Max simply replied that he would do the same if he were an alien, asking him if he wanted more potatoes. Vanderspeigle and Bloom finally left, despite Max's attempts to stall their departure to give Sahar more time, and Vanderspeigle reflected that maybe the boy had finally come to like him, that he was a likeable alien. Vanderspeigle drove Bloom home and she asked if he was going to kiss her. He reflected that he had seen this on TV and gave her a kiss. Though a bit awkward, Bloom commented that it wasn't the worst kiss he ever had. She exited and Vanderspeigle had an erection, thinking that it was rigor mortis and his penis was dying.

Harry don't got game[]

The afternoon of the next day, Vanderspeigle was on call when Asta learned that her grandmother's back was hurting again. In the past, Sam Hodges would have traveled to the Ute Reservation to give her an injection and so Asta wanted Vanderspeigle to come in Hodge's place, given that he was on call. Vanderspeigle did not want to go, but she took him and her adoptive father Dan, who didn't want to come either, on the basis that she didn't want grown men to act like children. On the way there, the group stopped at a gas station, and while going to the bathroom to pee, Vanderspeigle unwittingly encountered David Logan, one of two military agents out searching for the alien that had crashed in the mountains.

The group finally arrived at the reservation and Vanderspeigle, seeing everyone there, came to a realization. He saw that it was not food that brought people together, but rather a basic need to felt like they belonged, something which felt good. They entered Asta's grandmother's room and Vanderspeigle gave her the injection, the two of them bonding over some shared abuse of Dan. Asta's grandmother then made a comment that it was about time that Asta had a child and Vanderspeigle said that she already did, that it was obvious from their shared facial structure and how they both ate like they were starving to death, it was obvious that Jay was Asta's child. Stunned at Vanderspeigle outing her like this, Jay exited, leading Vanderspeigle to comment that they also both ran out of rooms in the same way. Realizing that he needed to give everyone some space, Vanderspeigle left the room as well and took a walk, coming across a group of guys playing basketball. When one of them accidentally tossed the ball his way, they shouted for him to toss it back, but to their astonishment he dunked the ball from all the way across the court. They all immediately wanted him as part of the game, but quickly discovered that he was unfamiliar with the nuances of the game. He aggravated them all by being clueless when it came to things such as dribbling and passing the ball, and even at point scoring against his own team. Finally, he nearly passed out in a field, unable to keep up with their energy and vigor and wondering if it was the end for him. As darkness fell and he looked up at the night sky, he reflected that his home planet was 46 light years away.

Vanderspeigle was joined by Asta. He apologized for revealing her secret, but she brushed it off, telling him that he had actually done everyone a favor, that it needed to come out. He told her that he missed home and she asked if he had any family there. He told her that he had a wife, who passed away, thus he took a job that brought him there. The group returned home, jamming to the song "Boujee Natives" on the way there. Upon arriving at his cabin, Vanderspeigle discovered the door open. He locked it before going inside, and heading for the basement, where he discovered the kids Max and Sahar passed out on the floor, having tried to touch the apple he had floating over a saucer via the power of tellurium. He checked their pulses and was annoyed to discover them both still alive. He stuffed them both in duffel bags and then headed upstairs, only to discover an unfamiliar woman standing in the living room. He asked her how she got in, given that the door was locked. "I have a key," she told him. "I am still your wife."

We're all dead[]

Vanderspeigle took Max and Sahar and returned them to their homes, hating the boy Max for having pretended to be his friend while actually sneaking into his cabin. He then confronted Isabelle, annoyed to find her still there. She told him that she was annoyed with him, that he had stonewalled the lawyers for months when she was ready to sign the divorce papers. To her surprise, he signed the papers immediately, but then to his surprise, she was still there that evening in the bed. In the morning, he told her that he had to go into work in town, leading her to wonder what he was doing playing "Dr. Fix-It" in Patience and having abandoned his practice. To his surprise, she pursued him to the clinic, and Asta Tweletrees told him to tell his "girlfriend" that she couldn't just come barging in. She replied that she was his "wife," surprising Twelvetrees, who pointed out that Vanderspeigle had told her his wife was dead. Hearing this, Isabelle flew into a rage, throwing boxes and papers at Vanderspeigle and shouting "I guess we're all dead!" before stalking out of the office in a huff. Meanwhile, the Hawthornes paid a visit to the clinic, intent on making their son Max apologize for having broken into Vanderspeigle's cabin. Vanderspeigle, however, did not accept the apology as he could tell that it was not sincere and Max, for his part, admitted that he didn't really want to apologize anyway. Vanderspeigle then pulled a trick by pulling out three photos and asking Max to identify which one was him, knowing that Max did not know what his human form actually looked like. After Max picked the wrong photo, Vanderspeigle told his parents that the boy had face blindness as well as teraphobia (fear of monsters) and recommended sending him to a special school in Georgia.

Arriving back home, Vanderspeigle was surprised to discover Isabelle still there. She admitted that she hadn't handled things well that morning and said that she wanted to make things up to him. Although Vanderspeigle was at first annoyed, the two seemed to bond over dinner. When she asked what was next, he told her "Scrub the pans before you leave," and started to walk away. However, when she serenaded him with Nat King Cole's song "Nature Boy," he returned to her and they shared a passionate kiss before dancing together. That evening, the two "reconnected" and the next morning, Isabelle noticed the painting of hers that the human Harry Vanderspeigle had purchased and said that he didn't have the heart to take it down.

Later that morning, in Joe's Diner, Max Hawthorne and Sahar confronted Vanderspeigle during his breakfast. Sahar presented him with a bizarre scenario in which she and Max both held heir breath until they passed out and die and he got blamed for their murder. The upshot of the conversation was that they wanted a truce - that Max would give up on trying to convince people that Vanderspeigle was an alien and, in exchange, Vanderspeigle would get him out of going to the school in Georgia. The two shook on the deal and then shared some friendly banter, Vanderspeigle reflecting that while he had hated Max, the hatred seemed to melt away as they talked and there might be something stronger than hate. Back at home, he was annoyed that evening by Isabelle's snoring, but decided that given the many emotions he felt about her, he would be willing to let her live another day.

The new doctor[]

Although Vanderspeigle had been starting to enjoy Isabelle's company, he was annoyed at how her constant need for him cut into his time searching for his spaceship and device. He therefore began drugging her with a combination of wine and sleeping pills in order to keep her passed out for hours at a time. Upon arrival at the Patience Health Clinic, however, he was greeted by Mayor Ben Hawthorne, who told him that he had found a new town doctor, Dr. Ethan Stone. Vanderspeigle was immediately annoyed by the new doctor, who seemed to be perfect at everything and, who, to his great annoyance, did not like the show Law and Order.

While Vanderspeigle was cleaning out his desk, Mayor Hawthorne gave him one of his homemade candles as a way of thanking him for stepping up to fill in. Vanderspeigle then recalled his truce with Max and started to tell the mayor that he had misdiagnosed his son. When, however, Stone came in offering to give a second opinion, Vanderspeigle backpedaled, claiming that Max was in fact very sick and did actually need to go to the institute to Georgia. He then made to leave, only to be confronted by Asta Twelvetrees, who asked if he was really going to leave without saying goodbye. He says that he didn't want to and they both call each other weirdos. Isabelle then shows up, but Twelvetrees explains that they were just saying goodbye.

At The 59, Isabelle suggested that she and Vanderspeigle return to New York. This annoyed Vanderspeigle, who definitely had no plans to return to New York, given his mission of finding his spaceship and device. When she asked him to name one thing he didn't like about New York, he bluntly replied "9/11." The new doctor, Stone, came into the bar and the two ended up getting into an arm-wrestling match, trying to prove their manliness, which ended when Vanderspeigle dislocated Stone's shoulder. Vanderspeigle then wondered cluelessly why everyone wasn't cheering for him. Back at the cabin, Vanderspeigle again drugged Isabelle and went out searching for his spaceship. He ended up just outside a government facility, where the agents David Logan and Lisa Casper were monitoring his every action. A male voice announced to them that he was unidentified, asking if they should engage. "Roger that," agreed Casper, "And if he tries to run, kill him." A car then pulled up within inches of Vanderspeigle.

The green glow[]

The occupant of the car got out and it turned out to be Isabelle, who had figured out what Vanderspeigle was doing and had only been pretending to be drugged in order to follow him. She asked him what he was doing out there alone in the middle of night. Vanderspeigle, however, realized that they were not alone and so he played it off as a domestic dispute in order to confuse the government agents that were watching him. Although his ploy was successful, it was the final straw for Isabelle, who told him that she was leaving him and going back to New York. Before taking off, she asked him if he had ever truly loved her. "Once," he replied, and she thanked him for being honest.

Finding himself with no job and at a dead end, Vanderspeigle wondered what humans dealt with failure. He ended up self-medicating using alcohol and pills and had a bizarre dream in which he was confronted by the corpse of the human Harry Vanderspeigle. The human Vanderspeigle told him that he was a failure and that, worse, his failure had made him human. He came at the alien Vanderspeigle with a knife and then, after he had seemingly woken up, came at him again, telling him that he was still dreaming. Convinced that he was stuck living a human life, Vanderspeigle then began searching the papers for jobs. While doing so, he was confronted by Max Hawthorne, who was upset because his parents were still planning on sending him to the school in Georgia. He asked Vanderspeigle why he hadn't told his parents he didn't need to go there and Vanderspeigle answered that he wasn't good at truces, telling the boy to go away because he had a lot of "being human" to do. Max left, but not before shouting back that if Vanderspeigle wanted to be human, he shouldn't keep a bunch of alien stuff in his truck.

Vanderspeigle applied for a job at the local bowling alley and arcade, only to be told that he was way overqualified. He then spent the day playing an old space-shooter video game until Judy called D'Arcy Bloom and Asta Twelvetrees, hoping they could get him to leave. Upon their arrival, they asked why he didn't go home to his wife. He explained that she had left him, saying that he had also lost job and life was horrible. They asked if there was anything they could do for him, but he replied that he already tried booze and pills. Twelvetrees was shocked at this, given this being a doctor. "Yeah," agreed Bloom, then shouted "Judy, get the pot!" The group proceeded to get totally wasted on the pot before eating noodles at a Chinese restaurant. While there, a very high Vanderspeigle wandered over to a tank and had a telepathic conversation with an octopus, who greeted him as a cousin, only to then chastise him for being high when his brother had been swimming around for six years with a plastic six-pack wrapped around his ass. Vanderspeigle explained about how he had failed his mission, but the octopus told him that he already knew the answer and Vanderspeigle realized that he could use Max's power. He then returned to Max, asking how he knew that he had "alien stuff" in shi truck, given that it was covered by a tarp. Max replied that he could see the "green glow" and Vanderspeigle realized that the same ability that allowed Max to see through his human form also allowed him to see alien technology.

Vanderspeigle sneaked into the local school with Max, where the two stole materials from the science lab. With these, Vanderspeigle constructed an enhanced telescope, which he then trained on the mountaintop. Using it, Max was able to pinpoint the exact location of Vanderspeigle's lost device. When, however, Vanderspeigle told him that he was going up there, Max was shocked, telling him that it was way too dangerous. He pleaded with Vanderspeigle not to go, but Vanderspeigle left anyway. Twelvetrees and Bloom noticed Max shouting after him, and while they were unable to get him to reveal exactly what Vanderspeigle was doing, they did learn from him about Vanderspeigle's plan to go up on the mountain. They followed behind him in snowmobiles and caught to him just as he discovered his device. Before he could claim it, however, the ice cracked, sending them all plummeting into a crevasse.

The secret revealed[]

After the group came to, Vanderspeigle chastised the two women for being heavy and causing the fall, leading Bloom to suggest that they should just leave him. Nevertheless, she tried to reach her snowmobile to go get help, but the snowmobile slid, causing her to end up hanging passed out and Twelvetrees and Vanderspeigle to fall even further down. When they came to again, Vanderspeigle was badly injured and had lost track of his device. Twelvetrees noticed him bleeding glowing blue blood and was stunned when she saw his face, parts of which were showing through to his alien form.

Although he tried to pass it off as "Colorado fever," she told him that there was no way that he could bluff a medical professional like this. He was forced to reveal to her the truth - that he was an extraterrestrial. Although she was at first disturbed, she settled quickly, telling him that it actually explained a lot, thinking of the odd ways he had behaved in the past. She asked him what he was really doing up in the mountain and he explained about searching for his device, but seized upon her suggestion that it was a radio that would allow him to contact his people. He then had her cauterize his wound, warning her that he would bleed out if she didn't.

As she worked to stabilize him so that he could transform back into his human form, the two continued share truths with each other. When she asked him why the real Vanderspeigle's wife, Isabelle, hadn't recognized him for what he was, he told her that some people only saw what they wanted to see. He also revealed that he had not been lying about his own wife being dead, except that as an alien, he did not have a gender. He and his partner had 342 children and though he had never worried about any of them, he now couldn't stop thinking about #62, who had his eyes. Twelvetrees replied that she thought things were complicated with just one child and he told her not to worry about Jay, that she was strong. She asked him just why he had come to Earth and he claimed that his people had been monitoring changes on Earth and that things weren't going well, so this was why he had to radio his people.

In a heroic feat, Bloom managed to reach the other snowmobile, allowing her to mount a rescue of Vanderspeigle and Twelvetrees. Vanderspeigle, however, worried that she too would learn the truth, but Twelvetrees assured him that this wouldn't be the case. She wrapped him a thick winter coat in order to hide his increasingly visible true form. When Bloom drove them to the Patience Health Clinic, Twelvetrees sent her inside to get help, but then took off, taking Vanderspeigle instead to Joe's Diner. There, she hid Vanderspeigle in the freezer, but was forced to reveal him to her adoptive father, Dan. He was stunned by the presence of the alien in his freezer, but nevertheless agreed to hold off Sheriff Thompson, who had come to check on the situation. Asta asked Vanderspeigle what she could do to help him, but he told her not to bother, that there was no point without his radio. She revealed that she had managed to find it and so he told her that he needed one of his legs to be cut off, that it was poisoning him. "We need to do what?!" shouted Dan, but Asta just told him to get the meat cleaver. She readied herself for the blow, only to find that she couldn't do it. "I can," declared Dan, grabbing the cleaver. He raised it and Vanderspeigle admitted to being afraid. Asta took his hand, telling him that nobody would be dying today. He thought to himself that he believed her, but now that he had his device, how about tomorrow? Dan brought down the cleaver and he screamed in agony.

Seeking alien tech[]

Vanderspeigle woke inside his cabin, where he learned that Asta Twelvetrees had spent the night watching over him. When she told him that she was looking into getting a prosthetic to replace his leg, he revealed a tentacle, explaining that his species descended from octopuses and that his leg was already regenerating. Once it had completely regenerated, he would be able to once again cloak it using the molecular reconstruction process, making it appear as though it was fully human once again and had never been chopped up in the first place. Twelvetrees was slightly disturbed by this, and also annoyed when Vanderspeigle did not show proper gratitude for her help. She eventually left to work for the day, warning him to rest. He, however, got to work examining his device. When the boy Max and his friend Sahar paid him a visit, he revealed to them that his device, which he still claimed was a "radio," was damaged. He told them that he was out of luck unless they knew somebody else who had been abducted by aliens. Hearing this, Max told him that he knew just where he needed to go if he wanted "alien stuff."

With Twelvetrees's help, Vanderspeigle journeyed to an alien convention in New Mexico. There, the two browsed the various panels, Vanderspeigle confusing Twelvetrees by telling her that the astronauts who landed on the moon had their bodies taking over by aliens, and amusing her with his wry commentary on various species of aliens. They eventually made their way to a panel of alien experiencers, finally apparently discovering what Vanderspeigle was looking for. Although he seemed skeptical of a number of the stories of the people at the panel, he eventually heard a story that caught his interest - that of a woman who claimed that aliens had cut open her shoulder and implanted a tracking device into her.

Vanderspeigle pursued the woman, eventually cornering her in a photo booth. He made to cut the technology of the woman's shoulder, only for her to reveal that she had been lying. Her story was entirely made up and she had never been abducted by aliens. She kneed Vanderspeigle in the groin to get away from him, then escaped. He was then confronted by Twelvetrees, who demanded to know just what it was they were doing there. Before they could pursue the matter, however, it become clear that Vanderspeigle was being tracked by the host of the experiencer panel, Peter Bach, who like the boy Max could see through Vanderspeigle's human disguise. Vanderspeigle fled from him, having Twelvetrees pretend to be an interested fangirl in order to run interference. He then laid a trap for Bach and discovered, to his delight, that Bach had actually been implanted with the tech he was looking for. Bach pleaded with him not to cut it out, that the Greys had abducted his son from his pregnant wife and he needed in case they ever came back so that he could finally meet his son. Vanderspeigle, however, told him that he was mistaken, that the Greys already had what they wanted and would not be coming back. Ignoring the man's shouted pleas of his being a monster, he cut the device out of Bach's arm.

Pizza and friendship[]

Vanderspeigle having gotten what he needed, he and Twelvetrees returned to his cabin. There, he found that someone had broken into the basement and discovered the body of the human Harry Vanderspeigle hidden in the freezer. He then hid it elsewhere so that by the time the discoverer, D'Arcy Bloom, returned with Mike Thompson and Liv Baker of the sheriff's office, she just ended up looking crazy. She had claimed to them to have discovered his dead body in the freezer, but as he was standing right there, Thompson and Baker were less than believing. She went down with Baker to check the freezer, and upon no body being found there, accused them all of gaslighting her. Vanderspeigle then smugly grinned as she was wrestled out of the house by Thompson.

Vanderspeigle repaired his device and steeled himself to push the button, starting a 90 minute countdown to the death of every human on Earth. Before he could do so, however, a radio announcement came on announcing the opening of a new a pizza restaurant, Mama Sap's Pizza, in the heart of downtown Patience. Having long craved pizza, he decided that he could not kill every human on the planet with an empty stomach. He then ventured downtown, where he chowed down on pizza, even attempting to feed some of it to a baby. He returned to the cabin with a huge stack of pizza boxes, reflecting that he had learned from the squirrels that after having filled your stomach, you take as much food as you can to eat later. He again moved to activate his device, but then decided that it would be smart to test it first, by using it in a more targeted form to vaporize the body of the human Harry Vanderspeigle that he had long been struggling to dispose of.

At this point, Vanderspeigle faced off once again with the hallucination of the animated corpse of the human Vanderspeigle, who told him that he was only stalling and that he was afraid to hit the button and kill everyone. He countered that his people did not feel fear, but the corpse replied that he was no longer human, that he had been infected with humanity. The two argued about the emotions he felt, and how he had taken him away from his wife Isabelle, that Isabelle grieved for him every day. Finally tired of the argument, the alien told the corpse that he was dumb if he thought he was afraid to kill everyone. He challenged the corpse to just sit and say nothing if he was right and, getting no response, pushed the button and vaporized the corpse. In doing so, however, he discovered that a part of his own body had been damaged and realized that if was still on Earth when he set off the device, then it would end up killing him as well.

While he still sat, debating whether or not to use the device, Asta Twelvetrees burst into his cabin and confronted him with the fact that he had lied, that he was the one who killed the human Harry Vanderspeigle. Though he tried to deny it at first, he was finally forced to admit the truth. He tried to argue that humans killed each other all the time, but she countered that he had seen just how Sam Hodges's death had affected her. She told him that they were done and when he said that she couldn't just leave, told him not to tell her what to do and what not to do, saying that he was "really getting the hang of this human male bullshit." He replied that they were friends, but she told him that they were not friends and left. Sobbing, he said to himself that he thought that she was his friend and that he didn't like being there anymore. He pushed the button on his device, activating the 90 minute countdown.

Vanderspeigle than drove his truck to the government facility where his spaceship was being held. He was confronted by government agents, but used his device to make short work of them. He reflected that he no longer had any choice, that he would fly away and drop the device on Earth to finish the job he had started. He repaired his spaceship and took off, fending off more human agents. He realized that he had forgotten to take the pizzas, but didn't have time to go back and get them because of the mission. As he continued to fight off the government forces, he saw Asta Twelvetrees and Max, who had been captured by a group of three agents. Alarmed, he lowered the spaceship and blasted the agents who were holding them captive. As he approached, Twelvetrees told Max to run and hide. She pleaded with Vanderspeigle, telling him that she knew why he was there and begged him not to do it. He told her that he must, that it was his mission, but she told him that she didn't care.

She said he knew that he had changed since he came and killed the human Vanderspeigle, and that if he killed everyone, he would kill her as well. She told him she was his friend, but balked when he suggested that they would leave together and kill everyone, saying that she was staying there. He agreed to not kill everyone and said that he would miss her, telling her that he had to leave, or else his device would kill everyone when it went off in 80 seconds. The two shared an embrace and, before leaving, he told her that he had left the pizzas in his freezer and she could have them if she wanted. He then boarded his spaceship and teleported into space, reflecting that humans kill to feel strong in the moment, but that true strength comes from choosing not to kill. He released his device, allowing it detonate harmlessly away from Earth and then made to go home. He then heard a noise and the boy Max stepped out from a compartment, asking meekly if he was taking him home. "This is some bullshit!" he shouted.

Behind the scenes[]

Whereas the Harry Vanderspeigle alien of the original Resident Alien comics is a rather nice guy, his television version is far less genial, with a mission to kill all humans. Regarding the change in the character's nature, showrunner Chris Sheridan stated "I felt like raising the stakes would be helpful. Giving Harry a sort of a negative mission and a negativity around him a little bit, gives him a place to go." Vanderspeigle's actor, Alan Tudyk, said that the character immediately appealed to him.[1]


"Humans have a term for this: "Bad luck," and "raw deal," and "this is some bullshit.""
- Vanderspeigle regarding Max's ability, "Pilot"

"How long do you think I have?"
"Do you like Christmas?"
"Yes, very much.
"Celebrate it before June."
"Oh okay. Oh. But between now and Christmas?"
"You can eat anything you want."
"I like you. This is the first time that a doctor’s been totally honest with me. This town is very lucky to have a doctor as good as you."
- An elderly patient and Harry Vanderspeigle, "Homesick"

"Circumcision. What is that, eye surgery? (clicks, gasps and covers his eyes) They are a savage people.
- Vanderspeigle, researching medical procedures, "Secrets"

"If Max doesn't drop the alien thing, I'm gonna kill him."
"You and me both. (chuckles awkwardly)"
- Kate Hawthorne and Harry Vanderspeigle, "Secrets"

"I can't sleep at night. I want to learn how."
"Okay, well, please stop, it's creepy."
- Vanderspeigle, staring at Jay, and Asta Twelvetrees, "Secrets"

"You're so quiet. What are you thinking?"
"If I could fit your body in the freezer, next to the other guy."
- Isabelle and Harry Vanderespeigle, thinking, "Love Language"

"Unless you know someone who has been in contact with other aliens, than I am... what is the expression? 'Shit out of luck'."
"If you don't stop using that kinda language around us, we're gonna have to wash your mouth out with soap."
"Go ahead. I like soap. I eat it all the time. Shit. Ass. Piss. Stink. Where's the soap? I am so hungry."
- Harry Vanderspeigle and Sahar, "Welcome Aliens"

"Kinda cool that I'm here with an actual alien. I feel special."
"You are not special. You are common."
"That's oddly less offensive now that I know you're from outer space."
- Asta Twelvetrees and Harry Vanderspeigle, "Welcome Aliens"

"The moon landing was a sham. It was all filmed on a soundstage by Kubrick."
"The astronauts did land on the moon."
"And their bodies were taken over before they returned."
- Host of "Lunar Lies" panel, Harry Vanderspeigle and Asta Twelvetrees, "Welcome Aliens"

"You know, you're just stalling. You're afraid to kill everyone."
"No, I'm not. My people do not feel fear."
"Yes, but you're not your people anymore, are you? You've been infected with humanity." "I don't need to listen to this!
- A hallucination of the human Harry Vanderspeigle and the alien Vanderspeigle

"My mission is to kill everyone."
"If you kill everyone, you kill me."
- Harry Vanderspeigle and Asta Twelvetrees, "Heroes of Patience"






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