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Heroes of Patience is the tenth episode of the science fiction comedy television series Resident Alien and the final episode of the first season.


Official episode synopsis: On the verge of completing his mission, Harry faces his own humanity.

Plot summary[]

While driving along late at night, Harry Vanderspeigle narrates that all things must die, that the animals know this and live in harmony with the Earth. Encountering a dead deer, he continues that everyone he kills with his device will die for a good reason. He arrives at the Patience Health Clinic, where a chyron reveals that this is five months ago. This is not the Harry Vanderspeigle alien, but rather the human Harry Vanderspeigle. The human Vanderspeigle pays a visit to the office of Dr. Sam Hodges, where he poisons Hodges's insulin with Botulinum toxin. The alien Vanderspeigle continues narrating that humans kill because they know they're small, insignificant and weak and that killing makes them feel strong, if only for a moment. When humans are smart, they may even get away with murder. As the human Vanderspeigle returns home, the alien narrates that no being really gets away with anything, that the universe knows what they've done. As the alien Vanderspeigle arrives at the cabin in the flashback, the alien finishes narrating that the universe will restore balance, that humans have a word for this: "karma."

At the cabin in the present day, D'Arcy Bloom has returned with Sheriff Mike Thompson and Deputy Liv Baker. By now, however, it's morning and Harry Vanderspeigle is returned, so they don't believe her claim that he's dead. Thompson apologizes for the intrusion, telling him that Bloom broke into his cabin and claims to have seen a dead him in his freezer. Baker chases Bloom, who went down to the freezer and returns to tell Thompson that there's nothing but meat in there. Bloom accuses him of having moved the body. They decide she's having an alcoholic delusion. She accuses them of trying to gaslight her and when they tell her it's time to go, she begins fighting Thompson. She ends up under arrest. As Thompson wrestles her into the sheriff's car, Baker spots something on the shore. It's a boot, the boot of the dead human Vanderspeigle human.

At the Hawthorne home, Max Hawthorne and Sahar are sitting at the kitchen table with Max's laptop. Max shows her the footage that he took of Lisa Casper searching his room. Sahar agrees that she must be one of the "Men in Black" and Max tells her that they have to warn Vanderspeigle. Max leaves his house and takes off on his bike. Casper and David Logan watch from a nearby RV. "Told you he'd lead us to the alien," comments Casper, starting up the RV. Downtown, Bloom and Asta Twelvetrees exit Patience's combined town hall and sheriff's office, Twelvetrees demanding to know what happened. Bloom says that Twelvetrees is overreacting and it's not she's never bailed her out of jail before. Twelvetrees replies that she woke up to about a hundred texts from Bloom about Vanderspeigle supposedly being dead. Bloom tells her that it's cool, that she and Vanderspeigle murdered a guy and she already has a plan worked out to spirit them away. Twelvetrees tells her she didn't kill anyone, that she would remember. Bloom says that she really must have been seeing things then, and it's a new low for her. Twelvetrees asks just what she did and she admits to having broken into the cabin the night before and thinking she saw a dead body. Twelvetree asks how much she had to drink and she replies that she had hardly anything to drink, but she did have a couple of edibles and a pill she found behind her couch. She accuses Twelvetrees of hiding a big secret from her, telling her that she gets all huggy and touchy when she's lying. When Twelvetrees continues to deny it, she thanks her for bailing her out and leaves.

Logan and Casper continue to tail Max, but Logan tells Casper to slow down, that she's getting too close. They end up seemingly hitting Sahar, running interference, who tells them that they owe her $100 for her bike. When Logan comments that it looks fine, Sahar shoots back that she'd be happy to wait for the police and Casper has him pay her. The outcome ends up being that they lose track of Max in the process. Back in his cabin, Vanderspeigle prepares himself to use device, which is now at full power. He reflects that with one push of the button the 90 minute countdown will begin. He moves to push it, only to hear an ad on the radio that the new pizza shop, Mama Sap's Pizza, has opened in the heart of downtown Patience. He decides he can't kill everyone on Earth with an empty stomach and heads to the pizza shop. He chows down on the pizza. Meanwhile, at Joe's Diner, Asta Twelvetrees sees her daughter Jay pouring coffee. Surprised, she asks Dan about it and he admits to having given her a part time job. She tells him she doesn't think it's a good idea and he counters that she's friends with an alien. Jay comes over to take her order and they chat about it being her first day. She tells Asta that Bloom told her about what happened on the mountain and she wanted to make sure she was alright. They chat for a bit, but Jay rebuffs Asta's attempt to get closer, saying she should get back to work. Just then, Max and Sahar enter the cafe and sit with Asta. Max says that he knows she knows about Vanderspeigle. He tells her that the government is after Vanderspeigle, that they saw them search Max's house and now they're driving around searching for him. When Twelvetrees asks how they know this, Sahar replies that they have their ways. Back at home, Kate Hawthorne discovers that she's missing her phone, which is revealed to be planted underneath Casper and Logans' RV.

Vanderspeigle returns home, carrying a huge stack of pizza boxes and reflecting that he learned from the squirrels that when you've filled your stomach, you should take as much food as you can to eat later. He figures there's nothing left now to keep him from completing his mission, but then decides that he should test his device first. Back at the Hawthornes', Max and Sahar use Max's laptop to track Casper and Logan. To their shock, they realize that it is right outside. They move to lock the doors, but it is too late. "Don't be afraid," Logan tells them. "We just need your help." Back at the cabin, Vanderspeigle decides to test the device by targeting it to a single point to get rid of the body of the human Harry Vanderspeigle. He then has a hallucination in which the animated corpse of the human Vanderspeigle tells him that he's just stalling, that he's afraid to kill everyone. He shouts back that his people don't get afraid, but the corpse tells him that he's not his people anymore, that he's been infected with humanity. They argue about how he took him away from Isabelle and he says that when he killed him, he killed Isabelle as well. He shouts at the hallucination of the corpse to stop, lunging at him, and is finally snapped out of it by a call from Twelvetrees, which goes to voicemail. She leaves him a message, pleading with him to call her, that she needs to talk to him. She encounters Dr. Ethan Stone and tells him she needs to take the rest of the day off. He agrees to hold down the fort. As she makes to leave, Deputy Baker approaches her, asking if she can help her out. She tells her that she needs the dead foot from the lake, that she found a boot and she wants to see if it's a match. Twelvetrees pulls the foot out of the freezer and, looking at it, she observes a mole. In a flash, she remembers the mole on Harry Vanderspeigle's foot and asks Baker where she got the boot. When Baker tells her that she got it on the shore next to Dr. Vanderspiegle's house, she has a flashback of the alien telling her that he doesn't know what happened to the human and then to Bloom telling her about seeing the body. She gasps as she puts two-and-two together and realizes the truth of what happened.

Back at the Hawthorne household, Kate is jogging on a treadmill upstairs. Lisa Casper promises Max and Sahar that Kate can't hear anything, but Sahar counters that she can shout loud enough to get her down there in two seconds. Casper tells her she won't like what happens if she does and demands that they tell her where the alien is. Sahar asks why they should and Logan replies that it's because it's there to kill them all. Inside the cabin, Vanderspeigle argues some more with the hallucination of the corpse, saying that he could push the button at any moment. He decides to do so, using it to vaporize the corpse. In the process, however, he is shocked that a bit of the energy comes into contact with him as well, damaging him. He realizes that if he's on Earth when he kills everyone, then he too will die. In downtown Patience, Ben Hawthorne finds D'Arcy Bloom sitting on a bench. He asks what she's doing there and they have a conversation about the past and how she's not happy now. He seems surprised by this and she asks if he's happy. He admits that he's not, but he never really was to begin with. She replies that she had a chance at being happy, but it just went away when she hurt her leg. He tells her that she can be happy, that she's amazing. He says that she's accomplished a lot and that he actually wishes that he was like her, that he's terrified of everything. He says that he looks at her and feels less scared. Caught in the throes of the moment, she kisses him. He pulls back, asking what she's doing, given that he's married. He says he has to go and heads off. She curses and has a drink.

Back at the Hawthorne home, Logan tells Max that he has to trust him that the alien is going to kill them all. "His ship is a Quimbaya amulet," he explains. Hearing this, Sahar turns to Max, agreeing that the alien is, in fact, there to kill everyone. Max, however, replies that he won't, that he'll listen to him. Just then, Kate arrives and demands to know what the two are doing in her house. She asks "Sarah" what's going on. Outside, Ben walks up to the house, trying to figure out how he's going to explain what just happened to his wife, when he discovers the door locked and hears the commotion inside. Through the peephole, he sees his family being held at gunpoint by Casper. He dials the sheriff's office and explains the situation. Sheriff Thompson urges him not to go inside, saying they're on the way. He calls for Deputy Baker and back the Hawthornes, Ben despairs. Kate shouts from inside a closet as Casper shows Max one of the pictures of the alien that he drew, demanding to know who it is. She asks why the alien is wearing a white coat and Max says that he'll tell her. He does and Logan urges her that they should just go, that they got what they wanted. Casper, however, pulls her gun, saying that they're doing what she says. Just then, Kate bursts out of the closet. As she emerges, she witnesses her husband grab a lamp and club Casper in the back of the head, then Logan as well. He kicks the gun away and Kate pushes Max and Sahar to safety. The two then witness Ben and Kate giving the two agents an epic drubbing with every household item they can get their hands on until finally they are out of the house. Ben and Kate then hug, Sahar telling them that they are like Daredevil and the Black Widow. Sahar goes home with her mom in the aftermath of the confrontation. Sheriff Thompson and Deputy Baker do the wrapup, Thompson saying that he normally doesn't approve of citizens taking the law into their own hands, but admitting that they were very heroic. They then make out, grossing out Max, and leading Thompson to point out that they have a room.

At Joe's Diner, Bloom asks Jay how her article is coming along. Jay tells her "Asta's my mother." Bloom shoots back sarcastically that Sheriff Thompson is her father, then realizes that Jay is serious. Jay comments that she's not surprised that Twelvetrees didn't tell her, that she's been keeping it secret. Jay admits that she doesn't know what to do, that she doesn't know how to act around her, not to mention her father, Jimmy. She asks what she's even supposed to say, that she can't talk to anyone, but she feels like she's losing her mind. Bloom agrees she can talk to her. Jay says that she can't live there like this, but Bloom tells her she's not running away and she's not alone. She asks her if she can get free onion rings, saying that it's part of the plan. At Vanderspeigle's cabin, Twelvetrees confronts the Vanderpseigle alien with the truth of him killing the human Vanderspeigle. She berates him that he can't just kill people, that it isn't how it works there. He shrugs it off as humans kill each other all the time, using Sam Hodges's death as an example; she points out he saw how devastated she was by Sam's death. She bids him goodbye and that they're done, but he tells her things will be okay, singing "Ooh child, things are gonna get easier." Irritated, she turns to leave. He grabs her arm, pleading for her not to go, to which she rebukes him not to tell her what to do, mocking that he's "really getting a hang of this human male bullshit". He shouts for her not to go as it hurts him. She angrily tells him to go back to his planet, and that he was not her friend. She leaves, slamming the door, and he laments that he thought she was his friend. He sobs, and is confused by the tears, but moans that he doesn't like this place anymore. He pushes the button on his device, beginning a 90 minute countdown until detonation.

Jay finds Jimmy outside The 59. She admits to knowing that he's her father and tells him that if he ever touches Twelvetrees again, she'll kill him. Nearby, at Jimmy's vehicle, Bloom asks if she feels better. She sends the vehicle rolling down the street and him chasing after it. As the vehicle crashes, Jay admits that she does feel better. Bloom agrees that she does too, but says that they should go. At the Hawthorne house, Max calls Twelvetrees, saying that he needs her help, that Vanderspeigle is there to kill everyone and he thinks he knows where he is going. At the Patience Health Clinic, Dr. Stone is ambushed by Lisa Casper and David Logan. Casper puts him a chokehold and knocks him out, believing him to be the "town doctor" that Max directed them to and thus the alien. They truss him up and present him to an arriving General McCallister, though Logan wonders "What the hell is this?" He says that he's officially done, that Casper is an unhinged psychotic. "I agree completely," McCallister tells him and he asks if they're Men in Black. She tells him that he's watched too many movies and that if she had wanted them involved, she would have told her superiors. She says it's bigger than anything he could have imagined and that its too bad he won't be there to see how it all plays out. "Get rid of him," she orders Casper and Casper raises her gun to shoot him. Just then, however, a group of kids walks by. "Kill ya later," comments Casper and the group pulls away, leaving a stunned Logan alone. Back at the sheriff's office, Thompson tells Baker that he likes the mayhem of what's been happening lately, perhaps a little too much, but he doesn't get it. He asks if everything can really all be just a coincidence and she tells him she doesn't believe in them. He agrees and also acknowledges her work in finding the doorknob clue, saying that they have a new prime suspect in Dr. Vanderspeigle. He says they should go pay him a visit the next day. Baker then spots a bag, asking what it is, then realizes it's an espresso machine. He claims he just picked up on sale for the whole office, but she insists he got it for her.

At the military facility, a group of guards is on patrol around the spaceship when suddenly Vanderspeigle rams through the gate. An alarm blares and they shout for him to show his hands as the device announces in an alien language that detonation is in 17 minutes. He uses the targeted effect of the device to knock out all the guards as Twelvetrees enters the room with Max. Vanderspeigle gets out of the truck and repairs his spaceship, thinking to himself that he'll fly away on the spaceship and drop the device. He boards the ship and a convoy of vehicles enters the facility, the device announcing that detonation is now in 12 minutes. The spaceship rises into the air as agents take aim with their guns, and a group of three agents discover Twelvetrees and Max, ordering for them to stay put. The agents fire at the spaceship, which simply absorbs all blows, and Vanderspeigle realizes that he forgot the pizzas at home and that maybe he can go back and get them. He blasts the agents, sighing that he doesn't have time to get the pizzas because of the "stupid mission." He keeps blasting until he sees the group of agents leading forth Twelvetrees and Max. He moans as the agents tell the two to get down and he lowers the spaceship to the ground. He disembarks in his alien form. The agents blast him, but he simply absorbs all blows. The agents reach down for Twelvetrees and Max and he starts blasting them with energy. Twelvetrees shouts for Max to run and hide as Vanderspeigle finishes off the last of the agents.

Vanderspeigle holds out his device and Twelvetrees tells him she knows why he's there. She pleads with him not to do it. He says that he must, that it's why he came. She tells him she doesn't care, that he's changed since he killed the human Vanderspeigle. She says she saw it just now, that he stayed to help them. He tries to say it is not so, that his mission is to kill everyone. "If you kill everyone, you kill me," she points out. He agrees that he has changed. "There's my friend," she replies as she embraces him and he's delighted to hear that they are friends. He is relieved, thinking that it means she'll come with him to his planet so they can kill everyone on Earth together. "What?!" shouts Twelvetrees, telling him she's staying on Earth. He agrees that he won't kill everyone and she hugs him. He tells her he'll miss her and he says he must dispose of his device or it will kill everyone on Earth when it detonates in 80 seconds. "Go!" agrees Twelvetrees. Before leaving, he tells him that he left some pizzas in his freezer and she can have them if she wants. She thanks him and pleads with him to go before it's too late. He enters the spaceship, which takes off and teleports off the Earth. As it shoots away from the planet, Vanderspeigle reflects that everyone has to die eventually, but that what matters is the choices you make while you're alive. He's realized that true strength comes from choosing not to kill and that being truly human is about choosing to love instead. He releases the device, which detonates harmlessly away from the Earth. He thinks that with the love comes the pain that he feels, but that hopefully it will dissipate as he gets closer to home. Just then, he hears a clanking. He turns and sees Max, tucked away in a compartment. "Hi!" greets the boy, meekly. "You're taking me home, right?" "This is some bullshit!" Vanderspeigle declares, sighing in exasperation.

Cast and characters[]


Special guest star:



  • Keith Abruthnot as Alien Harry Double
  • Kaylayla Raine as Jay
  • John Innes as Gerard
  • Christine Tsiliverdis as Mrs. Briscoe
  • Nisreem Slim as Sahar's mom


"Everyone has to die. It is the normal cycle of life of beings across the entire universe. Some may live longer than others, but every organism comes into being and then ceases being. The animals know this. They live in harmony with the Earth, as it was meant to be. Everyone I kill with my device is going to die anyway. At least I'm killing them for a good reason."
- Harry Vanderspeigle, thinking to himself

"My mission is to kill everyone."
"If you kill everyone, you kill me."
- Harry Vanderspeigle and Asta Twelvetrees

"Hi! You're taking me home, right?"
"This is some bullshit!"
- Max Hawthorne, stowing away in Harry Vanderspeigle's spaceship, and Harry Vanderspeigle


  • The "Previously on Resident Alien..." segment for this episode includes a scene in which David Logan comments to Lisa Casper that she shouldn't have taken the piece of Vanderspeigle's spaceship and that Max Hawthorne will know she was in his room. She replies that it's good, that when he "goes to warn it, we'll be right on its tail." No such scene, however, appeared in the previous episode.


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