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Jay is a character in the science fiction comedy television series Resident Alien. She is a 17-year-old intern working at the clinic that was headed by Sam Hodges and later by Harry Vanderspeigle. She is portrayed by Kaylayla Raine.

Character overview[]

Jay is a 17-year-old intern working at the clinic in Patience, Colorado. Her work often brings her into contact with Asta Twelvetrees, one of the clinic's nurses. Unknown to her, she is actually Twelvetrees's daughter, born out of her marriage to her abusive husband, Jimmy. Twelvetrees was a teenager herself when she birthed Jay and thus chose to give her up for adoption, fearing that she would be unable to raise her properly. She now worries about some of the choices that Jay has made in life and continues to watch over her, without openly acknowledging her as her daughter. As such, Jay addresses her as "Ms. Twelvetrees." Jay, however, eventually discovers the truth of her parentage, hidden away in a clinic file. She quits her job at the clinic, no longer sure how to act around her mother, and ends up being given a job at Joe's Diner by Asta Twelvetrees's adoptive father, Dan Twelvetrees. She then begins to form a bond with Asta's best friend, D'Arcy Bloom.


Plot summary[]

Jay is working at the clinic when Asta Twelvetrees introduces her to Harry Vanderspeigle, who is working at the clinic in place of the recently deceased Sam Hodges. Vanderspeigle is secretly an alien who has stolen the identity of the human Harry Vanderspeigle, whom he killed. Upon meeting Jay, he comments that she has a fly on her neck and she replies "It's a birthmark, douchebag," leading him to wonder just what she means by "douchebag." Later, Vanderspeigle is traveling with Twelvetrees and she tells him that while Patience looks like a slice of Americana, it has an underbelly and so she helps kids like Jay.

Later, Jay is again working at the clinic when she encounters Twelvetrees and Vanderspeigle. Twelvetrees asks if Jay has something she wants to say to Vanderspeigle and she apologizes for calling him a douchebag. In response, Vanderspeigle says that he apologizes that her birthmark looks like a bug. Jay again calls him a douchebag and Twelvetrees quips "Yeah, glad we cleared that up."

At some point after this, Twelvetrees mistakenly attends a high school party with her friend D'Arcy Bloom, believing it to be a party held by their old friend JT. At the party, they discover Jay passed out and take her home. Once there, Twelvetrees tells Jay that she knows she's been going through a rough time. She hands her some cedar wood, telling her that when she's having a rough time to just burn it and pull the smoke around her, that it'll help, saying it's something her father taught her. Jay calls it weird, but agrees to try it. As Twelvetrees and Bloom drive away, Twelvetrees sniffles, recalling having given Jay up for adoption.

Not long after this incident, Twelvetrees comments at the clinic that there were pills floating around at the party and that she thinks they may have been subscribed using a prescription pad stolen from Sam Hodges's drawer. Without stating so outright, she accuses Jay of taking the pad. Jay denies it and when Vanderspeigle enters the room, he asks why Twelvetrees would ask her that. Jay believes that he's backing her up, but he then continues that statistically speaking, it was Jay. Aggravated, but not necessarily denying the accusation, Jay runs out of the room.

Vanderspeigle and Twelvetrees travel to the Ute Reservation so that Vanderspeigle can administer an injection to Twelvetrees's grandmother. While there, the grandmother comments that it's about time that Jay had a child. Vanderspeigle then says that she already does, "a 17-year-old girl named Jay." He says that it's obvious in that they both share the same facial structure and eat like they're starving to death. Shocked, Twelvetrees exits the room, leading Vanderspeigle to comment "And they both run out of rooms when they get emotional." Twelvetrees is forced to explain the situation to her adoptive father, Dan, telling him that she didn't want to be a burden on him by making him raise another child that wasn't her own. Afterwards, she and Vanderspeigle meet and he apologizes for outing her the way he did, but she tells him that he did them a favor.

Jay discovers the truth about her parentage the hard way when she discovers a file showing that a child was born to Asta Twelvetrees on the same day as her birthday. She is shocked by the discovery and even more so when she realizes that Jimmy is the father. "No wonder you gave me away," she laments before leaving the room.

Later, Vanderspeigle reveals to Sheriff Mike Thompson and Deputy Liv Baker that one of Dr. Sam Hodges's prescription pads was stolen. The two are suspicious when Twelvetrees leaves Jay off the list of suspects, not having learned the truth of her parentage of Jay. They continue to grill Twelvetrees regarding the possibility of Jay having taken the pad until she finally reveals her suspicion that it was actually Jimmy who did so. Jimmy admits the truth under interrogation and Jay is finally cleared of the crime.

After learning that D'Arcy Bloom saved her mother and Harry Vanderspeigle in an accident on the glacier, she conducts an interview with her for the school paper. She initially does not take it very seriously, saying that she's only doing it in order to get extra credit. She is shocked, however, when Bloom reveals that they all could have died, leading her to realize just how close she came to losing her biological mother. Later, she takes a part-time job at Joe's Diner, the restaurant owned and operated by Asta's adoptive father, Dan Twelvetrees. Asta asks Dan if this is really such a good idea, but Dan simply counters that she's friends with an alien, having recently found out the truth about Harry Vanderspeigle. Jay again chats with Bloom, claiming that she's doing a follow-up on the school newspaper report, but then blurts out at that Asta is her mother. Bloom is disbelieving at first, countering sarcastically that Sheriff Thompson is her father. She then realizes, however, that Jay is serious, and that Jay was the baby that Asta gave up for adoption.

Jay tells her that it's all messed up, that she can't talk to Asta and she certainly can't talk to her father, Jimmy. She says that she probably shouldn't even be talking to her, but Bloom tells her it's totally okay to talk to her. Jay replies that she can't live there like this, but Bloom tells her she's not running away and that she's not alone, that she can help her. She then asks her if she can get free onion rings, claiming that it's part of the plan.

Bloom arranges an ambush of Jimmy. Jay tells him she guesses he's her father. He admits as much and she tells him that she'll kill him if he ever touches Asta again. Bloom then pushes his truck so that it rolls down the hill and she and Jay watch as he comically chases after it. She and Jay admit to each other that they feel better, but that they should probably go.


"You have a fly on your neck.""
"It's a birthmark, douchebag.
- Harry Vanderspeigle and Jay, "Pilot"

"It's not like I didn’t know I was adopted."
"I... It's... it's complicated."
"You know... it seems simple. You gave me away and then lied to me. Wait. If you're "Mommy," who's "Daddy"? It's not that dick Jimmy, is it?"
- Jay and Asta Twelvetrees, "Love Language"




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