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Jimmy is a character on the science fiction comedy series Resident Alien. He is portrayed by Ben Cotton.

Character overview[]

Jimmy is the husband of Asta Twelvetrees and a biker. Abusive, she fled from him around the same time that the alien who assumed the identity of Harry Vanderspeigle crashed on Earth and never looked back. He is also, with Twelvetrees, the biological father of Jay.


Plot summary[]

After first meeting Harry Vanderspeigle, Asta Twelvetrees asks if he will take her to Jimmy's place to pick up some of her things, as she's only person she knows that has a truck. Wanting to fit into human society, Harry agrees. While there, Jimmy unexpectedly shows up. He asks her who the "new man" is and she tells him that it's not like that, that they just work together at the clinic and she needed his truck. He tells Harry to head home, that he and Asta have some catching up to do. Harry replies that it's not what she had in mind, but Asta tells him that it's fine, that they do have a lot of to talk about. She says she can just come and get her things tomorrow.

Harry takes off, thinking at first that it's not his problem, but realizing that Jimmy is obviously trouble, given that he has a tattoo of a skull on his arm with a snake coming out of the eye socket. Back at Jimmy's, he shouts at her, saying that he actually came to forgive her, only to come back to that. When she walks away, he says that he's making her look stupid, but she replies that he doesn't need her help. He starts getting physically abusive and just then the alien Harry reaches through the window, grabs him, and throttles him within an inch of his life. Asta stops him, saying it's not worth it.


"Harry Vanderspeigle. I think we met briefly."
"Are you fucking with me, man?"
"No, of course not. (thinking) Chicken‐ass bitch."
- Harry Vanderspeigle and Jimmy, "Love Language"




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