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Judy Cooper is a character in the science fiction comedy television series Resident Alien. She is portrayed by Jenna Lamia.

Character overview[]

Judy is a good friend of D'Arcy Bloom and the two are both residents of Patience, Colorado. The two often hang out together and while they sometimes tease each other over slutty behavior, it is clear that they quite like each other.

Physical appearance[]

Plot summary[]

Judy visited the town clinic of Patience for a pelvic exam and was examined by the alien who had assumed the form of the doctor Harry Vanderspeigle. Vanderspeigle was surprised to see her, commenting that she was "not a 12 year old boy with a wart" and the nurse Asta Twelvetrees explained that they had to move up Judy from the next day. The Vanderspeigle alien was a bit panicked, as he was learning everything about medicine from looking up information on the Internet. He stalled for time and in the process accidentally flashed a photo of Judy's pelvic area, which he passed off as taking a selfie for his first day.

Later, Vanderspeigle went bowling with D'Arcy Bloom and again encountered Judy, who commented that he had his hand inside her the other day. Judy commented that Vanderspeigle was a size 12. He asked how she knew and she replied that Bloom only dated size 12s. The two friends traded playful barbs before talk turned to an upcoming bonfire, the both agreeing that they would be there. Afterwards, when Vanderspeigle left Bloom unexpectedly, Judy approached her, commenting that it was another date night with her and a hot dog. The two again playfully traded insults before bowling together.


"Aw, another date night with just you and a hot dog?"
"Actually, I have two."
"You could have one for each hand just like in high school."
"I learned that trick from you."

- Judy and D'Arcy Bloom, "Homesick"




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