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Kate Hawthorne is a character in the science fiction comedy television series Resident Alien. She is portrayed by Meredith Garretson.

Character overview[]

Kate Hawthorne is a woman who lives in Patience. She is married to the town's mayor, Ben Hawthorne, and is the mother of the boy Max Hawthorne, who can see through the alien Harry Vanderspeigle's human disguise. She is a teacher at her son's school, which has led to him becoming something of an outcast among his peers. She and her husband have something of a troubled relationship, as she is an assertive, dominant personality, while he tends to be much more submissive in nature.


Plot summary[]

Kate Hawhthorne is out walking with her son Max, her holding his hand, when she two of them encounter the alien who is masquerading as Harry Vanderspeigle. As she is unable to see Vanderspeigle's true form, she is confused when her son screams upon seeing him and then rushes back to their car, locking the doors. That evening, she and her husband Ben hear their son screaming. Neither believe their son's claim that there's an alien under the bed who tried to kill him and she tells him that she can't do another night with no sleep. She gives him a count of three to get off the top of his bed and come sleep with them, chastising Ben for letting him watch movies like E.T.: The Extraterrestrial.

She is again aggravated when she and Ben take Max to the doctor's for a sore throat, only for him to race out of the clinic and hide under the bench because the Vanderspeigle alien is the doctor. She and Ben again ignore Max's claims of attempted murder, but agree to let Max go with Ben to his office, so long as his sore throat doesn't worse. She then tells Ben that they're getting rid of him if he keeps things up.

Later, she pays a visit to Vanderspeigle at his cabin, telling him that her son is going around town telling everyone that he's an alien and showing him a wanted poster that her son made. Vanderspeigle at first thinks that she believes her son's story and secretly grabs a knife to try to kill her, only for her to ask him what's wrong with her son, why he's making things up. She tells him that she normally used to talk with Sam Hodges about this sort of thing. When she asks what she can do about it, he suggests that she and her family move far away, that Scotland needs mayors. She tells him that they're not moving and he plays it off as a joke. He then suggests that she's neglecting her son and she agrees that things might be difficult for Max, with her working at school. She later approaches Max at school, hoping to connect with him, but her giving him a hug only ends up embarrassing him in front of his peers.

She and Ben have a talk with Max. When they give him cookies, her realizes that it's a serious talk and at first believes that they're getting a divorce. When they tell him that Vanderspeigle is coming over for dinner, he asks why they couldn't just be getting a divorce and screams and hides in his room. To their surprise, however, Max behaves like an angel during dinner, secretly playing the role of the good boy to run interference for his friend Sahar who is stealing Vanderspeigle's keys so that they can sneak into his cabin. Meanwhile, Kate is embarrassed by Vanderspeigle's unexpected date, D'Arcy Bloom, who reveals that she and Ben had dated while they were in school and technically never actually broke up with each other.

Kate's relationship with her husband, Ben, grows increasingly troubled due to his own lack of assertiveness and their continued troubles with Max. Vanderspeigle suggests sending Max off to a special school in Georgia, ostensibly because of him suffering for teraphobia and face-blindness, though secretly due to Max's ability to recognize him as an alien. When Vanderspeigle later claims to have been "mistaken," Ben calls it "great news," but Kate states that he drove a wedge between her and her husband.

Things only continue to get worse, as the two have their anniversary dinner. Based on the misguided advice of Sheriff Mike Thompson, Ben picks the restaurant, a fancy upscale restaurant named Laurent's that he would normally never frequent. During the dinner, he is abnormally controlling. Kate finally calls him out on it and he replies that she had said she wanted him to challenge her more. She admits this is so, but says that this isn't him. She tells him that that they aren't always going to agree about everything, that they're different people, but she wants them to be a team. Following the dinner, Kate visits the restroom. Here, she encounters a woman who gives her name as "Sarah Houston" and claims to be new in town. Kate introduces herself as the mayor's wife and gives the woman her phone number, telling her to call her if she needs anything. Unknown to Kate, the woman is actually the government agent Lisa Casper, who is seeking her son Max to learn what he knows about the alien.

Sometime following this, Kate invites "Sarah" over to dinner along with "Richard Houston," who is supposedly her husband. In fact, "Richard" is actually a government agent partnered with her, whose actual name is David Logan. When Ben arrives home, he is annoyed, as he upset that they are having fish for dinner instead of their usual taco night. He is sulky throughout the dinner, irritating Kate, who pulls him aside and tells him to at least try to make an effort at conversation. Meanwhile, Kate sneaks up to Max's room and discovers a piece of Harry Vanderspeigle's spaceship, hidden away by Max. When she is caught by Kate, she claims that she simply wanted to see what a child's room looks like, feigning that she and "Richard" are having difficulties having a child of their own due to him being sterile.

Following this encounter, Casper and Logan try to use Max to track down Vanderspeigle, but are thwarted by him and his friend Sahar, who realize that the two agents are onto them. They then break into the Hawthorne household and try to interrogate Max and Sahar while Kate is upstairs exercising. Kate eventually comes down and demands to know what they are doing, at which point Casper forces into a closet. She manages to break out. Around the same time, Ben arrives and sees what is happening. He makes his way inside the house and together he and Kate fight off the two agents using every household object they can get their hands on. In the aftermath, covered in blood, they seem to be newly turned on to each other and kiss and make out.


"Look at this. It's disgusting. Makes me want to throw up just looking at it." - Kate upon seeing a picture of Harry Vanderspeigle's alien form


  • Kate Hawthorne's actress, Meredith Garretson, is credited as a guest star despite appearing in all episodes of the first season of Resident Alien.


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