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Lewis Thompson is a character in the science fiction comedy television series Resident Alien. He is portrayed by Alvin Sanders.

Character overview[]

Lewis Thompson is the ailing elderly father of Patience's sheriff, Mike Thompson. The two have a fraught relationship.


Plot summary[]

Lewis and son Mike talk over breakfast at Joe's Diner. It is a tense conversation, with Lewis complaining about the quality of the diner's eggs. Mike tells him that the air in Patience is good for them. Lewis asks if that's what they're going with, saying that Mike probably blames him for their being there in Patience, like he blames him for everything else. He suggests that Mike blames him for Sam Hodges's murder too, asking if he's cracked the case yet and saying that Hodges chose the wrong town to die in. Aggravated by his father's needling, Mike knocks over his cup of water and Lewis asks what's wrong with him, wondering how people trust him with a gun. Annoyed, Mike tells him to just take his pills.

Later, following Deputy Liv Baker's resignation, Mike Thompson discovers his father having lunch with Baker at Joe's Diner. Baker asks if he has anything to say to her, but when he turns the question back on her, she simply bids him goodbye and leaves. Mike then chastises Lewis for buying lunch for her, given that she was probably trash-talking him. Lewis, however, tells him that she wasn't doing much talking at all but rather listening, something that he should try sometime. He asks what that means and Lewis tells him that his relationship with her reminds him of his mother, that she would always challenge him and wouldn't let him off the hook when he messed up until he took steps to fix it. He tells him he ought to think about that and asks him to order him a burger, saying he will be right back. He then gets up but has trouble doing so and Mike moves to assist him, telling him it is okay to ask for help. "Look who's talking," he replies pointedly.


"Wasn't for you, we'd be eating those half‐smoke sausages at Bee‐Bee's."
"Yeah, I know, it’s not exactly D. C., but... the mountain air out here is good for you."
"Oh, is that what we're going with?"
- Lewis Thompson and Mike Thompson, "Love Language"

"Your relationship with Liv reminds me of me and your mom before she up and left me."
"You mean when she died?"
"I'll never forgive her for that."
- Lewis Thompson and Mike Thompson, "Welcome Aliens"



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