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Lisa Casper was the secondary antagonist of the science fiction comedy television series Resident Alien. She and David Logan are dispatched by General McCallister to find the alien. Lisa Casper is portrayed by Mandell Maughan.

Character overview[]

Lisa Casper is a government agent assigned by General McCallister to assist David Logan in his search for an alien that has crashed on Earth, assigned to play the role of his "wife" under the name of "Sarah Houston." Ruthless and seemingly without morals, Casper is willing to do whatever it takes for them to complete the mission without being detected, even if it means hurting children or even killing people. Smug and self-assured, she immediately rubs Logan the wrong way, and he expresses to McCallister the opinion that she is "psychotic." He soon learns, however, that McCallister is well aware of Casper's true nature and is only concerned with getting results.


Plot summary[]


David Logan and Lisa Casper are out investigating in the snowy mountains of Colorado when they come across something bizarre: the skeleton of a man and two birds of prey floating mysteriously in mid-air.


Casper and Logans' investigations next take them to a bar where they meet a cowboy who speaks of having encountered the alien who later assumed the identity of Harry Vanderspeigle. He claims to have kicked the alien's ass to the next county, but not before the alien stole his hat and horse. Casper tries to convince the man to tell him where it was the alien was headed, but he replies that liquor has already made him tell them too much. He tells them that they can read the full story in the book he's writing and Casper expresses interest in his writing a book, getting him to show them his manuscript.

The two then tail the man outside the bar, where Casper ambushes him, breaks his neck and seizes his manuscript. Logan, shocked, shouts at her, telling her that it isn't in their orders to kill people. "Looks like you and I have different orders," she replies coolly.

"Birds of a Feather"[]

On the road in a motor home, Casper and Logan stop outside a gas station. Logan continues to press his case to Casper, saying that their orders were to find the alien, but not to go around and murder people. She shoots back that their orders were to deliver the alien to the general without anyone knowing. She warns him that things will get messy, saying that he's acting as though the alien's just going to come to them. Unknown to either of them, the Vanderspeigle alien is actually right outside their vehicle at that moment.

"Sexy Beast"[]

A flashback reveals how Casper was first assigned to David Logan as his "wife." While McCallister is briefing Logan on his assignment, she tells him that nobody can know what he's doing. He tells her that she doesn't have to worry about his girlfrien,d that she won't tell anyone, and Casper walks up, saying that he doesn't have a girlfriend, that he just broke up with her via text. McCallister then introduces Logan to Casper as his "wife." A later flashback shows Logan and Casper discovering Harry Vanderspeigle's spaceship. Casper doesn't think there is anything even there at first, but Logan reveals that its cloaked. They then bring the ship back to McCallister and settle in to wait. Back in the present, the Harry Vanderspeigle alien pulls up outside the site where the spaceship is being held, unaware that his every action is being monitored, and exits his truck. Casper gets on the radio to "Alpha-1," a sniper, asking who the visitor is. "Alpha-1" reports back that he is unidentified, asking if they should engage. "Roger that, move in," she agrees, "And if he tries to run, kill him." Just then another car pulls up within inches of Vanderspeigle.

"The Green Glow"[]

The woman inside the vehicle turns out to be Isabelle, the wife of Harry Vanderspeigle, who is unaware that her husband's identity has been assumed by alien. Seeing this, David Logan declares it to be just "some marriage squabble," unaware that Vanderspeigle is playing it this way because he has realized that he is being watched. Casper, however, is unimpressed. "Shoot him anyway," she declares, but Logan orders the sniper to stand down, telling Casper that there is something very wrong with her.

The scene flashes back to two weeks before, when the group first discovered the spaceship. Casper points out a visible door on the spaceship, suggesting that they just pry it open. Logan counters that they've never seen this type of material before and don't know what might happen. Casper then suggests using dynamite, leading Logan to indicate her to McCallister and tell her that this is the sort of thing he was talking about. He asks her for more time and she agrees to it, but warns him not to make her regret it. Later, the group is still with the spaceship. He presents them with a book about ancient civilizations and Casper dismissively asks why he even has books. "Don't you have a computer?" Ignoring this, he tells them that he thinks the ship is a Quimbaya amulet and the alien is there to kill everyone on Earth.

Following this, the group is still around the spaceship when suddenly it glows with a green energy. An indicator appears on Logan's monitor and he declares that he knows where the alien is.

"End of the World As We Know It"[]

Immediately following this, however, the mysterious energy fizzles out and Logan loses his lead. With the connection gone, McCallister orders Casper and Logan to get back into the field and track down the alien.

The two arrive in the town of Patience, Colorado, stopping for a bite to eat at Joe's Diner. There, they once again pose as a married couple, Casper claiming that they just eloped and that they're heading to Braddock to meet her father-in-law, who doesn't know that she's white. "Wish me luck," she tells the cafe owner, Dan Twelvetrees, who warns them both that there's a large storm coming and they should get going as quickly as possible. They retire to their van, where Logan tells her that he feels that McCallister was wrong, that they can't do this on their own and need backup. He tells her he's calling the military and pulls out his phone, but she zaps him into unconsciousness, replying that he should know her better by now, that the mission is secretive and that anyone who doesn't keep it that way won't live very long. Just then, a poster blows in the wind, landing on the van's window, with a childish drawing of Vanderspeigle's alien form, the message "Have you seen this alein? [sic]" and instructing to call Max Hawthorne. "And you said we'd never find it," quips Casper.

Later, Casper encounters the mother of the boy, Kate Hawthorne, at a restaurant bathroom, playing it off as a chance encounter. Kate, sitting in the stall next to her, asks her for some toilet paper because hers has run out, and she's all too happy to assist. When Kate introduces herself as the mayor's wife, she tells her that she's new in town. Kate gives her phone number, which Casper already has, saying to call if she needs anything at all. She then readies herself to leave, saying that she's going to be late for the babysitter, and Casper seizes the opportunity, asking if she has kids, getting her to open up about Max.

"Welcome Aliens"[]

Casper and Logan come over to the Hawthorne family home as dinner guests under their "Kate and Dick Houston" aliases. Mayor Hawthorne is troubled by their presence, as he's not used to adult company at home and is upset about eating fish instead of having the usual taco night. The group makes awkward conversation, until eventually Casper makes an excuse of going to the restroom. She then uses the opportunity to sneak into Max's room, where she snoops through the place, eventually discovering a piece of Vanderspeigle's spaceship that Max hid. When she is caught in the room by Kate, she feigns an interest in children, claiming that things are difficult for her because of "Dick"'s sterility. Kate makes soothing comments and the two leave the room together. Unknown to Casper, however, Max has captured everything that happened via a recording on his laptop.

"Heroes of Patience"[]

As Max sets out on his bike to warn Harry Vanderspeigle of the government agents searching for him, Casper and Logan follow in their van. The two, however, are cut off by Max's friend, Sahar, who stages a bicycle accident. She holds them up by demanding that they either pay for her bike or she'd be happy to call the police. Casper gets Logan to pay him off, but in the process they have lost Max. Furthermore, unknown to either of them, Sahar has bugged their van by placing Kate Hawthorne's cell-phone underneath it as a tracking device.

Max and Sahar return home to monitor the two agents using Max's laptop, but Casper and Logan figure out what they're up to. They then reverse things again by breaking into the house. There, they confront Max and Sahar while Kate is upstairs exercising. Sahar threatens to scream loud enough to get her downstairs, but Casper tells her that she won't like what happens if she does. She demands to know where the alien is. When Max asks why they should, Logan replies that it's there to kill them all. Max counters that he won't, but Logan states that the ship is a Quimbaya amulet and Sahar realizes he's telling the truth. Just then, Kate comes down, done exercising, and asks what they're doing there. Casper then forces her into a closet.

As Kate tries to break out of the closet, Casper gets intense, showing Max the pictures that he drew of Vanderspeigle and demanding to know why the alien is wearing a white coat. Max finally backs down, saying that he'll tell her. He does so, and Logan says that they got what they need and they should leave. Casper, however, pulls out a gun. He tells her they're not doing that, but she counters that they're doing whatever she says they're doing. Before either can do anything, however, Kate manages to break out of the closet. At the same time, Ben Hawthorne approaches from behind, having managed to make his way into the house. He grabs a lamp and clubs Casper in the back of the head. Kate shouts at Max and Sahar to get to safety, kicking away Casper's gun and disarming her. She and Ben then deliver both Casper and Logan an epic drubbing, sending them fleeing from the house in terror.

Following this humiliation, Casper and Logan pay a visit to the Patience Health Clinic, based on Max's statement that the alien is the "town doctor." They find Dr. Ethan Stone and when he says that he is the town doctor, they knock him out and bag him up. General McCallister and a team of government agents then arrive outside. Logan tells her that they captured the alien for her and that he's officially done now, that Casper is an "unhinged psychotic." McCallister replies that she agrees completely and he asks if they're Men in Black. She replies that he's watched too many movies, that if she had wanted them involved, she would have contacted her superiors. She orders Casper to "Get rid of him" and Casper raises her gun. Before she can do anything, however, a group of civilians, including children, walks by. "Kill ya' later," she comments and she and the others roll out, leaving behind a very confused Logan.

"Radio Harry"[]

Lisa Casper is present when McCallister has a new prisoner brought in to a secret black site where she is holding a number of individuals where she believes to be either aliens or connected with aliens. Casper asks her what she thinks about this latest one and she admits that she's not sure yet, but says she'll find out the truth about all of them. Later, Casper summons McCallister, informing her that they've detected a signal: encrypted code with an alien signature.

"An Alien in New York"[]

Lisa Casper travels to New York, following the same alien signal that Harry Vanderspeigle and Asta Twelvetrees did. She visits the pizza place indicated by the phone number from the signal, the same one visited by Harry and Asta. The proprietor asks her "What can I get you?" to which she replies "What do you got?"

"Escape from New York"[]

Lisa Casper murders the proprietor of the pizza restaurant after he fails to provide her with any useful information, stopping to steal a couple slices of pizza before exiting. Upon doing so, she discovers Goliath's mural and the alien writing upon it. Using this, she tracks down Violinda Darvell's gallery with Goliath's paintings and confronts her. She pretends to be an interested art collector. At the time, both Harry and Asta are there and Asta recognizes her from a sketch made by Deputy Liv Baker as the woman who was involved in the attack on the Hawthorne family.

While Harry and Asta try to hide, Violinda continues to play dumb. When she sees fluid dripping from the bag that Violinda is holding, she asks what's in it, pulling a gun. Violinda tries to run, but Lisa shoots her and then grabs the alien egg that falls from the bag. At this point, Harry emerges and attacks Lisa, tossing her through a skylight. Violinda tells Harry that Goliath wanted him to have the egg and he and Asta flee from the gallery. Lisa, who seems barely fazed by Harry's attack, pursues the two of them, only to encounter two thugs from the Galvan/Powell Group who are also after Harry, believing him to be the human Harry Vanderspeigle who betrayed their company. She shoots and kills them, but the brief time that she spends dealing with them allows Harry and Asta to give her the slip.

Lisa Casper manages to track down the two as they travel back from New York to Colorado via Amtrak train in order to avoid having to bring the egg through an airport security check. She waits until Harry is alone and then ambushes him, telling him that he should have cleaned up after himself. She tells him that he's going to give her the egg and tell her where it came from. Harry, however, attacks her with his alien strength, tossing her about like a ragdoll. She realizes that he is the alien she has been seeking all along, but it is too late for her. He sprouts his alien arms which choke her out, then tosses her through the train's window, breaking it and beheading her in the process. When Asta arrives and see the chaos left in the wake of the attack, he tells her dispassionately "I may have killed the bad woman."


"What's wrong with you? Our orders are to find the alien that crashed, not to go around murdering people!"
"Our orders are to deliver an alien to the general without anyone knowing about it. So, yeah, things are gonna get messy. I mean, you're acting as if we can just sit here and the alien's going to come to us."
- Logan and Casper, with Vanderspeigle outside their vehicle, "Birds of a Feather"

"Kill ya' later."
- Casper to Logan, leaving him alone outside the Patience Health Clinic, "Heroes of Patience"

"You should have cleaned up after yourself. Now, you're gonna give me that egg, and you're gonna tell me where it came from. ... You." - Lisa Casper's final words as she belatedly realizes that Harry is the very alien she has been seeking, "Escape from New York"




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