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Deputy Liv Baker is a character in the science fiction comedy television series Resident Alien. She is a sheriff's deputy working with Sheriff Mike Thompson.

Character overview[]

Liv Baker is the sheriff's deputy of Mike Thompson in the village of Patience, Colorado. Something of a timid individual, she tends to be subsumed by Thompson's strong personality and has trouble speaking up for herself. Harry Vanderspeigle likens her to a pet rabbit that you yell at so much that its hair starts to fall out. Despite this, she can be powerful when she is able to actually stand up for herself and has a keen detective insight. She is well-liked for her sense of fairness and justice. Eventually, she resigns as a sheriff's deputy due to Thompson's continued ill treatment of her, despite her best efforts to help solve a murder case. Afterwards, Thompson comes to realize the error of his ways and apologizes to her in song, upon which she accepts his offer to resume her duties as deputy. Afterwards, the two begin working together more closely and he admits to her that her instincts are often on target, even going so far as to buy her a coffee-maker, though still claiming that it's for the whole office.

Physical appearance[]

Plot summary[]

A murder investigation[]

Baker accompanies Sheriff Thompson out to Harry Vanderspeigle's cabin to get Dr. Vanderspeigle to come into town with them, as the town doctor of Patience, Colorado, Sam Hodges, has been discovered murdered and he's the only other doctor in the area. Later, at the clinic, she reveals that she felt herself unable to handle the next-of-kin notification to the doctor's widow and just gave her Mayor Ben Hawthorne's number instead. Later, when she tries to play music while she and Thompson are staking out a crime scene, he turns it off, telling her he has her music and beatboxing while humming "Amazing Grace" at the same time.

When Asta Twelvetrees expresses suspicion of Hodge's widow, Baker informs her that they already investigated her and found her to have an alibi. Sheriff Thompson backs this up. As Baker watches the developing argument between Twelvetrees and Thompson with a worried expression on her face, Vanderspeigle likens her to a pet rabbit.

When a fisherman discovers a foot while trawling the local lake, Baker joins Thompson on a search of the lake, along with Mayor Hawthorne and his wife Kate searching in a separate vessel. When the mayor pleads seasickness, Baker suggests that they call off the search, saying that it's highly probable that the body has already washed up on shore and that they should search there. Thompson ignores her, resulting in the alien Harry Vanderspeigle finding the body, which is that of the human Vanderspeigle he killed and assumed the identity of. He is thus able to find the body and hide it in his freezer. When Thompson finally calls off the search, he and Baker are led to the alien's freezer by the police dog Cletus, but are thrown off by the alien's tactic of covering the body with packages labeled as meat products.


Thompson and Baker assess various pieces of potential evidence they dredged up from the lake. Baker is particularly interested by a doorknob and wants to log it as evidence. Thompson tells her off, stating that there are such things as houseboats and the doorknob could have been ripped off of one of those which sank. Baker is forced to ignore her hunch for the time being, despite the doorknob actually having originated from Vanderspeigle's cabin and being torn off by the alien. Later, she visits the local pub to try to drown her sorrows, telling the bartender D'Arcy Bloom that it's one of those days where you question whether your own existence is even worth anything. Bloom gives her a pep talk, telling her that she's the best cop that Patience has ever had. She continues, saying that she's the one cop that people are actually excited to see, because she treats everybody fairly and always does the right thing. She urges Baker to "stand up to that power trip." Back at the office, Baker again tries to direct Thompson's attention to the doorknob. He again brushes her off, but while his back is turned, she secretly logs the doorknob as evidence.

Thompson later discovers that Baker has created her own "murder board" regarding the Sam Hodges case, hidden in a closet of the sheriff's office. She explains to him her theory that she developed after they learned that Sam Hodges was diabetic: that Hodges could have been poisoned using his insulin injection, which would mean that the killer didn't need to be present at the time of his death. Although she believes that he will dismiss it as a stupid theory, he tells her that it's not stupid and told her "Good job." Glowing with pride, she celebrates together with Asta Twelvetrees, D'Arcy Bloom and Judy. She later joins Thompson in confronting a suspect at Patience's school, Richard Ferguson, going by the alias "The Pharmacist." When Ferguson bolts, Thompson pursues him in a foot chase, only for Baker to calculate his route and waylay him with a push-broom. Although Thompson seems impressed at first, he then reverts to his old behavior, chastising Baker for using a contraction when trying to read him his Miranda rights. When he calls her out the next day for a supposed lack of respect, it is the final straw for her and she resigns in irritation, pounding a burger that was intended to be a treat for the dog Cletus.

The return[]

Baker later returns to collect certain personal belongings, but has Mayor Hawthorne do it so that she doesn't have to engage with Thompson directly. Thompson tells Hawthorne to tell her that he could see her, and she replies through Hawthorne to mind his business, as she is busy enjoying life. He replies that he's enjoying life even more, so much that he has little cartoon birds flying around his head. She replies that "cartoon birds" usually means that you're unconscious. Later, after receiving a tip-off from Dan Twelvetrees about his daughter Asta being missing, and learning that D'Arcy Bloom is also missing, Thompson visits an upscale local restaurant where he discovers Baker having lunch with John of the town's avalanche-control team. Both are shocked to learn about the two women being missing, given the storm that is approaching the town.

Following this incident, Sheriff Thompson visits Joe's Diner one morning and finds Deputy Baker having lunch with his father, Lewis. She asks if he has anything he wants to say to her, but when he turns the question back on her, she simply bids him a good day and leaves. The Sheriff then chews out his father for having lunch with her, saying that he was probably trash-talking him, but he replies that in fact she was mostly listening. He tells him that his relationship with Baker reminds him a lot of his own relationship with the Sheriff's deceased mother - that she would always challenge him and when he messed up, she wouldn't let him off the hook until he took steps to fix it. He then rises from the table, telling his son to order him a burger and that he will be right back. As he struggles to rise, Sheriff Thompson tells him it is okay to ask for help and he replies pointedly "Look who's talking."

Taking his father's words to heart, Sheriff Thompson returns to his office, where he considers the murder board he has made, then goes to the closet and pulls out Deputy Baker's much more complicated board. He begins to see certain connections and finally comes to a conclusion, arresting the widow Abigail Hodges for the murder. That evening, at The 59, Baker performs the song "Wind Beneath My Wings" during karaoke hour. To everyone's surprise, Sheriff Thompson enters the bar and begins singing along with her, the song becoming a duet. He gets down on his knees and holds out her deputy's badge. To everyone's delight, she takes it, declaring that she's a deputy again.

An improved relationship[]

Baker returns to work for Sheriff Thompson, but the two are now truly working together for the first time. She accompanies the sheriff in a visit to Harry Vanderspeigle's cabin, on a tip from D'Arcy Bloom of having sneaked into the cabin only to discover Vanderspeigle's dead body in the freezer. Bloom's tip, however, is undercut by the appearance of the live Harry Vanderspeigle. Baker accompanies Bloom down to the freezer where, sure enough, there is no dead body. Unknown to either of them, the body in question is actually that of the human Harry Vanderspeigle and the alien Vanderspeigle has moved it to a new location. Convinced that everyone is trying to gaslight her, Bloom puts up a fight, and Baker leaves it Thompson to wrestle her into the sheriff's car, not being good at physical confrontation. As he does so, she discovers a boot washed up on the edge of the lake and collects it as evidence. She later takes the boot to the Patience Health Clinic and asks Asta Twelvetrees to show her the foot that she had previously discovered to see if it's a match. Twelvetrees does so and in the process, seeing a mole on the foot, realizes that the alien Harry Vanderspeigle killed the human.

Later on, Liv Baker joins Sheriff Thompson in responding to a call from Mayor Hawthorne, reporting a break-in at his home. Upon arrival, however, the two discover that the mayor and his wife, Kate, have already fought off the intruders, keeping them from hurting their son Max and his friend, Sahar. The two are then disturbed when, in the aftermath, the husband and wife demonstrate vividly their affection for each other. Baker and Thompson regroup at the sheriff's office, where Thompson tells Baker that while he likes the mayhem that has been happening recently, he simply doesn't get how it all connects. He asks if it could possibly all be coincidence. She replies that she doesn't believe in them and he agrees that he doesn't either. He points out how the foot, the boot and doorknob all came from the same place, admitting that it definitely did not come from a houseboat and saying that they should go visit Dr. Vanderspeigle the next day and see if he has anything to add to what he's already told them.

Baker then spots something sitting on Thompson's desk, a Nespresso machine. Having expressed a desire for a coffee machine in the office before, she asks if it's for her. He claims to have picked up on sale and states that it's for the whole office. She, however, squeals in delight, hugging him and saying that he got it for her, that he agrees with her "doorknob instincts." He admits that she has decent doorknob instincts, but continues claim meekly that the coffee-maker is for the whole office, even as she insists repeatedly that he got it for her.


"Hey, I know the sheriff can seem kind of mean sometimes, but he's just a big teddy bear... with severe anger and control issues." - to Max Hawthorne regarding Sheriff Mike Thompson, "Homesick"

"Respect is not an entitlement. You can’t get it just by standing there asking for it. You earn it through your actions, Deputy, and quite frankly, I can tell you right now, punching burgers, that shit there ain't gonna cut it."
"Okay, well, how about this for an action? I quit. Does that cut it? I'll eat this tonight because it's not right to waste food!"
- Sheriff Mike Thompson and Deputy Liv Baker, resigning as a sheriff's deputy, "The Green Glow"

"You got me a coffee pod machine!"
"Oh, what are you doing? I got that for the whole office. What are you doing? Nope."
"You got it for me, and you agree with my doorknob instincts."
"You got decent doorknob instincts, all right? But this whole thing is for everybody. It ain't just for you."
- Sheriff Mike Thompson and Deputy Liv Baker, "Heroes of Patience"


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