Deputy Liv Baker is a character in the science fiction comedy television series Resident Alien. She is a sheriff's deputy working with Sheriff Mike Thompson.

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Liv Baker is the sheriff's deputy of Mike Thompson. Something of a timid individual, she tends to be subsumed by Thompson's strong personality and has trouble speaking up for herself. Harry Vanderspeigle likens her to a pet rabbit that you yell at so much that its hair starts to fall out. Despite this, she can be powerful when she is able to actually stand up for herself and has a keen detective insight. She is well-liked for her sense of fairness and justice.

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Baker accompanies Sheriff Thompson out to Harry Vanderspeigle's cabin to get Dr. Vanderspeigle to come into town with them, as the town doctor of Patience, Colorado, Sam Hodges, has been discovered murdered and he's the only other doctor in the area. Later, at the clinic, she reveals that she felt herself unable to handle the next-of-kin notification to the doctor's widow and just gave her Mayor Ben Hawthorne's number instead. Later, when she tries to play music while she and Thompson are staking out a crime scene, he turns it off, telling her he has her music and beatboxing while humming "Amazing Grace" at the same time.

When Asta Twlevetrees expresses suspicion of Hodge's widow, Baker informs her that they already investigated her and found her to have an alibi. Sheriff Thompson backs this up. As Baker watches the developing argument between Twelvetrees and Thompson with a worried expression on her face, Vanderspeigle likens her to a pet rabbit.

When a fisherman discovers a foot while trawling the local lake, Baker joins Thompson on a search of the lake, along with Mayor Hawthorne and his wife Kate searching in a separate vessel. When the mayor pleads seasickness, Baker suggests that they call off the search, saying that it's highly probable that the body has already washed up on shore and that they should search there. Thompson ignores her, resulting in the alien Harry Vanderspeigle finding the body, which is that of the human Vanderspeigle he killed and assumed the identity of. He is thus able to find the body and hide it in his freezer. When Thompson finally calls off the search, he and Baker are led to the alien's freezer by the police dog Cletus, but are thrown off by the alien's tactic of covering the body with packages labeled as meat products.

Thompson and Baker assess various pieces of potential evidence they dredged up from the lake. Baker is particularly interested by a doorknob and wants to log it as evidence. Thompson tells her off, stating that there are such things as houseboats and the doorknob could have been ripped off of one of those which sank. Baker is forced to ignore her hunch for the time being, despite the doorknob actually having originated from Vanderspeigle's cabin and being torn off by the alien. Later, she visits the local pub to try to drown her sorrows, telling the bartender D'Arcy Bloom that it's one of those days where you question whether your own existence is even worth anything. Bloom gives her a pep talk, telling her that she's the best cop that Patience has ever had. She continues, saying that she's the one cop that people are actually excited to see, because she treats everybody fairly and always does the right thing. She urges Baker to "stand up to that power trip." Back at the office, Baker again tries to direct Thompson's attention to the doorknob. He again brushes her off, but while his back is turned, she secretly logs the doorknob as evidence.

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"Hey, I know the sheriff can seem kind of mean sometimes, but he's just a big teddy bear... with severe anger and control issues."

- to Max Hawthorne regarding Sheriff Mike Thompson, "Homesick"

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