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This town looks like a slice of Americana, but trust me, it has an underbelly.

Asta Twelvetrees to Harry Vanderspeigle, "Pilot"

Patience is a small town in Colorado in the television series Resident Alien. It is the main location of the series and where most of the characters live.


The town has only one doctor. The nearest hospital is three hours away. It is described as seemingly being a simple, small town on the outside, but having an underbelly. It is still very cold there even in early spring and often heavily covered in snow, the roads impassable.

Showrunner Chris Sheridan describes it as a small town, off the beaten path, and kind of the perfect place for alien to hide out.

The town is replete with a strong history as a mining town. To this day, the residents still recall the date of January 17, 1884, in which the town's mine suffered a catastrophic collapse. 59 of the miners escaped, only to realize that one of them still remained inside the collapsed mine. They returned to rescue him, but died in the process, memorialized with a plaque which reads "59 died to save one."

The town is on the edge of a large mountain or mountain range, which is replete with secrets, including the crashed remains of Harry Vanderspeigle's spaceship. The town's local newspaper is The Patience Post.




  • Initial descriptions of the television series placed the town of Patience in Washington rather than Colorado.


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