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Peter Bach is a character in the science fiction comedy television series Resident Alien. He is portrayed by Terry O'Quinn.

Character overview[]

While still in early adulthood, Peter Bach witnessed the abduction of his pregnant wife's child and had an alien tracker implanted him by the Grey aliens. Following this experience, he took on the role of "Alien Tracker" and thirty years later still hopes to be reunited with the child he lost. He spent 15 years working at the Carl Sagan Center at SETI, worked as a government consultant, authored a number of books, and hosts a podcast titled "The Alien Tracker." Like Max Hawthorne, he has the ability to see through the molecular reconstruction process used by Harry Vanderspeigle to blend in as human.


Plot summary[]

Peter Bach boards a bus with his very pregnant wife, happily discussing their needs upon becoming parents, including whether to use jarred or homemade baby food. Suddenly, the lights on the bus go out and time seems to freeze around them. Bach heads to the front of the bus and sees that the driver appears to be spilling his coffee, but the coffee is frozen is midair. He tries to force the door open when suddenly his wife shouts for him and appears to float in the air. There is another flash and suddenly everything appears normal, except that now his wife his no longer pregnant. She stands, observes her figure without the baby inside, and screams in horror.

Harry Vanderspeigle ambushing Peter Bach

Thirty years later, Peter Bach is the "Alien Tracker," hosting a panel at a UFO Con in New Mexico. The panel is attended by Asta Twelvetrees and Harry Vanderspeigle, who is an actual alien, having taken on the form of a human man. At the panel, other people share their own supposed experiences with having been abducted. After the panel is over, Vanderspeigle pursues a woman who shared a story during the panel of having had alien technology implanted within her, hoping to use said technology to restore his de-powered device. However, he is spotted by Bach, who is able to see through to his true alien form. Vanderspeigle discovers that the woman was lying and then is forced to evade Bach's pursuit. While trying to evade Bach, he comes up with a plan and ambushes him, then discovers to his surprise that Bach has implanted in his arm the technology that he was looking for. Bach pleads for him not remove it, saying that it's the only hope he has of meeting his child if the Greys who implanted it in him come back. Vanderspeigle, however, tells him that the Greys aren't coming back, that they already got what they wanted, then cuts the tracker out of him, leading him to call him a "monster."


  • Peter Bach is portrayed by Terry O'Quinn, who is known for his role as John Locke on the mystery drama series Lost. O'Quinn has also appeared on sci-fi classics such as Star Trek: The Next Generation, The X-Files and The Twilight Zone.


"Please don’t take it out. It's the only way they can find me if they come back. It's the only way I’ll ever meet my son."
"They’re not coming back for you. They already got what they wanted."
- Peter Bach and Harry Vanderspeigle



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