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Radio Harry is the fourteenth episode of the science fiction comedy television series Resident Alien and the fourth episode of the second season. It premiered on February 16, 2022.


Is Harry building another bomb? Asta is going to find out as they go camping on the reservation.


Not a radio[]

A man sits with a therapist. He tells him that he remembers everything, though he's not supposed to. He says that there were others in the ship who were taken to a galactic orphanage. The therapist agrees it must have been very alienating. The man says that the aliens showed him his parents a few times and he's been searching for them since they dumped him back on Earth five years ago. They continue their conversation, though the therapist eventually says that unfortunately they're out of time. They agree to meet again the same time the next week. The man leaves the office and the therapist makes a call. A van pulls up and two men in a suit grab the man and shove him in. He is taken to a facility and placed in a cell.

In another room, General McCallister stands at a monitor with Lisa Casper. Lisa asks McCallister what she thinks about the new one, IDed as "Robert Hutchins." McCallister admits she's not sure, but says she'll find out. She continues that she'll find out the truth about all of them as a set of nine monitors are shown, with Dr. Ethan Stone in the center. He's been detained for 65 days, though some have been detained far longer, such as "Brian Hart Jr.: 31 years."

At Joe's Diner, Harry Vanderspeigle thinks to himself that children are a pestilence that aren't so much born, but replicate like a virus. He meets with Max and Sahar, telling them to listen up, that he's built a radio to tell his people not to come and kill everyone. He says he's the savior of the human race now, so they need to give him his spaceship ball back. Sahar says she would, but that she gave it to her dad to use for golfing. He says he's changed his mind and he'll tell his people to save everyone but them. He says he'll freeze their bodies and make snowcones of them. Sahar threatens to do something else to him in return, though whatever it is is so dark that we can't hear it, only Harry's reaction that she's a monster. He insists that she will bring his alien ball. Max says it's cool that he's building a radio to save them, but Sahar tells him it's not a radio, it's a bomb.

Asta and Liv are at a baseball game, with D'arcy as the catcher for the Patience team. As Jay also cheers, Liv comments on Jay's boyfriend and how he seems like a nice guy. Asta, however, does not want to talk about it, saying she's not engaging, that it's called boundaries. She then asks Kate to do a background check. "Nope." Mayor Hawthorne cheers as the score goes 3-1, saying that Patience is better than Jessup. D'arcy throws out an attempted base-stealer and Judy cheers, holding up a sign reading "Go Skank." Sahar, sitting next to Max, tosses some popcorn, getting Asta's attention. She summons her over, telling her the fate of everyone in the world is at stake. Max explains that she thinks Harry's building a bomb. Asta says it's a radio, but Sahar says that when somebody shows you who they are, believe them the first time. She explains that it's a quote from Maya Angelou. She points out that Harry pretended to be a doctor, wondering just what else Harry is pretending to do.

Back to the reservation[]

Harry catches a ball in the field, stealing a catch from a young boy. Asta comes down, forcing him to give the ball to the boy. He is clearly still upset about his spaceship ball. He says that after the game, he's going to pick the flowers that grew from the water of his spaceship, for his radio. She tells him she wants to see the radio. They head back to his cabin and she stares at him, leading him to wonder if he has a booger on his face. She asks how the radio works and he explains that in two days the Earth will be in alignment with the Mars Transit Station. She says that humans knew nothing about that, and he laughs that humans don't know anything about anything. He continues to explain the properties of the radio. He says he has to do it at the exact time, that the conditions will be ideal and won't be for an entire year. He asks why she has so many questions and she says that she thinks he's lying about what the radio is. He calls it painful, but she points out that his last "radio" was a human death bomb.

She says that the tellurium fissure he needs for the radio goes right through the reservation, so they'll go there to set it up. "We?" he asks. "Yes, we," she agrees, saying that she and her dad are coming to make sure he's not lying. So, they go to the reservation. He narrates that he likes it there, that it feels comfortable. Kayla comes up and says they'll get him some food, introducing him to a man named Big Leroy. "How's little Leroy," she asks his wife. "Hopefully almost here," she says. Harry gets his food and goes off to sit down. "You're that Harry weirdo who came with Dan and Asta" a man comments. Harry calls him a weirdo for talking to weirdos and he introduces himself as Drew. He says his fault, that every time he leaves for the city and comes back to the reservation, they have to invite everyone over. He calls it exhausting and Harry says it's exhausting just listening to him. "I feel like you belong someplace else," he comments. "Yes," agrees Harry.

Back in Patience, Sheriff Mike arrives in the office. He says he had to drop off some shirts at the dry cleaners and they gave him her dress. She tells him she doesn't have any dry-cleaning. He shows her the dress and she says she's been looking all over for it. She asks if he took it in for him, but he says he doesn't make a habit of walking around with women's clothing. She tells him that Judy is there and she thinks they're dating because he danced with her. "I didn't dance with her, she danced one," he points out. Judy comes in, saying she brought him a cake. She asks for his number, but when he doesn't give it, she writes down hers on her hand instead. She finally leaves and Liv suggests it might be fun for him to date her. He asks if she's crazy. She says all he does is work and take care of his dad, asking when the last time was he went on a date. He leaves, saying he has people he can call.

Back at the reservation, Harry laments the long lunch. He prepares to hike to the campsite with Asta and Dan. Asta says that it's also remote. Harry asks why this is important and Asta says that she prefers not to have a lot of people watching when contacting an alien race. Just then, however, Kayla shows up with Drew, saying they're coming with. Stunned, Asta just nods.


In Patience, Ben receives a visit in his office from his wife, Kate. She tells him that she knows he's been working hard on Patience Family Day ideas and brought him tacos. He kisses her and digs in, thrilled with the tacos, but then spits them out when she tells him they're from a new restaurant in Jessup. She asks what his deal is and he says it's food from the town that is slandering their town. Kate replies that it's the mayor of the town who's slandering him, saying that he's probably a lovely guy. She says that Jessup has a good vibe going on. Ben counters that Patience had a good vibe before everything happened. Kate says that she's going to be honest, that he could learn from Jessup about reshaping the town's image. She suggests that they go visit a restaurant in Jessup and if he hates it, he can use what he hates in his commercial. They'll call it research. He agrees it's a good idea. After she leaves, he fishes the tacos out of the trash.

Back at the reservation, the group hikes to the campsite, taking in beautiful fields of flowers. Kayla asks if they're ready to fish in the morning, saying she brought rods if they don't have them. Asta thanks her, but says that Harry wants to take a hike in the morning. Kayla says she'll join them. Asta giggles, saying that fishing his her thing. Kayla says she'll fish later. Drew suggests she hang back with him, that he might want to learn how to fish. She hugs him. "I guess you're stuck with Harry," says Kayla. "You're welcome," Drew tells Asta, saying he knows about whores. "Go be a freak in the forest. I won't tell anyone." She says it's not like that, but he walks away. She tells Harry he needs to get things set up, while she talks with Dan. She leans her head against his shoulder and he tells her to not play poker. She tells him she wants to believe Harry. She asks if he trusts Harry. He says that what he believes should have nothing to do with what she believes. He asks if deep in her gut, she trusts him. "Yeah, I do," she tells him. "Good," he says. "That makes one of us."

Ben and Kate sit at the restaurant in Jessup. "Lots of plastic straws in this restaurant, but no turtles," comments Ben. A waiter comes up, saying that if he's concerned about the straws, theirs are made from cornstarch and decompose, very friendly for aquatic friends. Ben asks what if the turtles eat the straws when they're on land. Kate says he's just joking. The waiter asks if he can start them with a glass of Jessup's world-famous spring water. Ben says that it's odd, that he thought water was just water. The waiter says he understands, given that he's never had their water. Ben agrees to a glass of ice water, but the waiter says that they don't have ice water because then you can't taste the water. Kate says they'll need another couple of minutes. "Might be a murder in Jessup after all," comments Ben. "Yeah, there might be," agrees Kate.

Back at the reservation, the group sits around a campfire at night, Kayla playing a guitar and Dan playing a harmonica. Harry relaxes and Asta says that he looks happy. He comments that it is nice be somewhere untouched by human consumption and greed. He says the music was not bad also. Dan says that it isn't completely untouched, pointing out that he's been camping there since he was a boy. He says that he wouldn't be surprised if the water someday all dries up and Kayla agrees that as a tribe they can give thanks, but the change has to happen globally. Harry thinks to himself that these people understand and that maybe there's no saving humans, whether or not his people kill them all. If they don't kill them all, then every beautiful thing on the planet will die with them

Deputy Liv chats with D'arcy, wondering how she could drop off a dress at the dry-cleaners and not even remember. D'arcy agrees that it's weird, that Liv has a flawless memory. Just then, one of the guys from the opposing team at the baseball game enters the bar and sits. She serves him, saying it's quite some some smile for someone on the team that lost and he tells her "Still playing, different game though." She says his line could have sounded cheesy but it didn't and she needs to see ID. He calls it a clever way to get his name. "It's Elliot," he tells her, showing her a lanyard and saying he got a degree in archaeology thinking he was going to be "the indigenous Indiana Jones." D'arcy goes to back to Liv, who says he's cute. D'arcy resists her attempt to hook them up, saying that her parents are coming tomorrow. She asks Liv if she'll come to dinner, that if she's there, they might have fun and not try to fix her life. Liv agrees to come, but asks why she's still talking to her. D'arcy returns to the guy, who says he asks around about her. "So you know I'm a disaster, " replies D'arcy. He says he knows she was a professional skier and that she's funny, smart and has a wicked arm. He invites her to dinner the next day. She tells him she already has something going, but they could meet for dessert after. She says for him to be holding a single red rose so she can tell him apart from the other hot guys. He asks to buy a drink for her friend for telling her to flirt with him.

"50 years?!"[]

Back at the Jessup restaurant, the waiter brings a bottle of water to Ben and Kate's table. "Courtesy of our mayor," he tells them. Just then, the mayor himself, Mitch Green, shows up. He tells Ben it's nice to have a fellow mayor visiting and says that the water is from the '73 wildfire. Ben says they're good on the water. "You're angry about the ad," he realizes, sitting down and saying rivalry is good for them both. He says he'll understand when's been a mayor a little longer. Ben counters that he's been a mayor for quite some time and he's seen a lot. Mitch says that he has a tougher hill to climb, that they have the best water while he has 59 dead miners, that it's tragic. Kate tells him it's not tragic, that the 59 is a story about sacrifice. Mitch says that it doesn't play like sacrifice, but rather the beginning of a horror movie. "Am I right, Ben?" he asks. Kate tells him she has a name and a teaching degree. Mitch says he meant no disrespect. "Oh, yes you did," counters Kate, saying that the 59 is a beautiful story, that they're a town full of heroes. Also, his water tastes like shit. Mitch leaves, taking the water with him. "What happened to 'He's probably a perfectly nice guy?'" wonders Ben. Kate gets up, saying "Screw him."

Late at night, Harry struggles in his tent to bat away mosquitoes. Overwhelmed, he is swarmed and ends up toppling the entire thing over. He gets up and goes walkabout, coming face to face with a bison. In the morning, he and Asta go for their hike while the others fish. They eventully reach their destination and Harry sets up his radio. Harry asks Asta to hand her the flowers petals. She asks him to tell her it's a radio. "It's a radio," he agrees. She gives him the petals. He lays them on the dish and he turns it on. The petals float just above the dish and a beam of light shoots into the sky. She thanks him for saving all of them. "You're welcome," he says. He tells her that the signal will call his people and tell them not to come and kill everyone, for 50 years. "What?!" wonders Asta. He says that they will come after she is old and dies. "You're welcome!"

"50 years?!" wonders Asta. She races for the radio and shuts it off. A message on the smartphone connected with it reads that the transmission failed. He shouts that she's a liar and she grabs a tree branch to defend herself against him. He falls to the ground, despairing. "This was it," he says. "Our last chance." He tells her that she will die too. She says he'll have to figure something else out. He asks why she cares, that she will be dead long before they come. She asks how he still doesn't get that it's not just about her but about everyone she cares about. She tells him he has to figure it out. He says that if his device had delivered his message they would have 50 years to figure it out and now they have 50 days if they're lucky. "No, we would have had 50 years for you do nothing!" shouts Asta. She tells him that she knows he doesn't care unless it's her, so it's her again. She takes a phone call from Big Leroy. "Slow down, what happened?" she asks.

As the sun sets, Asta races into the room where Big Leroy's wife is giving birth. "Hey, Sunny, the cavalry's here," she tells them. Kayla comes behind, saying that Harry is there and he's a doctor, but Asta says she can do it. She gets Sunny to start some calm breathing. Back in Patience, D'arcy and Liv arrive for the dinner date with D'arcy's parents. D'arcy's dad asks how she's doing. She says she's doing good and wishes him happy birthday. A waiter takes them to a table. At another table, Sheriff Mike is having a date with a lovely woman. The two seem to be connecting over a shared like of certain movies. Liv gives Mike a thumbs-up. She tells D'arcy she's been pushing Mike and it's finally happening.

Lighthouses and midwesterners[]

Back at the reservation, Asta tells Sunny that the baby's head went out, but then came back in. "That is shoulder dystosia," Harry tells them. He says he can fix it, thinking to himself that it's because he spent an entire weekend watching YouTube videos on human birthing. Asta puts up her hand to stop him but one of the other women there tells her to "let the doctor do his job." So Harry does. He begins giving instructions methodically, ending with "Be sure to like and subscribe." They have Sunny push and the baby is delivered. It's a beautiful, healthy boy. Harry narrates that his species would never come together for a birth like this. They would never touch a newborn because the sulfuric ooze from when the eggsac bursts is toxic. Dan hands Drew the umbilical cord, telling him they'll wrap it in buckskin, putting it in a cedar box. He explains that they do it to keep the kid from wandering too far or too long. "Not bad, weirdo," comments Drew.

At the restaurant, Mike's date says that she's been going on and on about herself without asking him anything. She asks what brought him to Patience to D.C. He tells her he's fine just talking about her, but she says she's serious. He tells her it's not that interesting, asking if she's tried the burger place by the lake. She says she's sure that he's one of the most interesting me in town and she wants to know his story. So he does - that he was a cop, he made a mistake and his best friend died. "So I dragged my sick dad out here to this shitty little town in the middle of nowhere that's full of people who don't know how to leave well enough alone." He throws some money on the table and leaves. Seeing this, Liv chases after him. She heads out of the restaurant, but it's too late. Mike drives away.

Back in the restaurant, D'arcy's father asks how she's really doing. She tells him she's doing great. He says that he and her mother were talking and there are a lot of interesting possibilities in Park City. He and her mother begin rambling, beginning to speak of her in the third person and reminiscing about a time she practiced a magic trick, pulling off the trick of pulling tablecloth off a table and leaving everything else. They continue to ramble on and on, leaving D'arcy feeling like the child she was once. She sighs, the stands, claps her hands and thrusts the tablecloth from the table, upending everything and not even trying to pull off the trick. She raises her arms, giving two middle fingers and walks out. She holds Liv on the shoulder and walks away to Joe's Diner. She stares at Elliot, waiting for her inside, but does not go in.

Back at the reservation, Harry sits with Asta in the back of Dan's pickup truck. He tells her she did a good job and she says that she's delivered a lot of babies since Jay was born, but that this was different with everyone around. She tells him that she'll never be Jay's mom, but maybe someday she could at least be someone in the room. He asks if she remembers in the glacier when she first found out who he was. She agrees she could never forget. He reminds her that he told her to not feel guilty about giving up because Jay up for adoption because his people send their offspring into the great ice-wind desert. He tells her that he thinks he understands now why she feels guilty. He narrates that from generation to generation, the Earth's troubles are passed on to children. Babies on his planet are self-sufficient, but human child learn everything from the humans around them. Without nurturing parents to guide them, they become lost. A montage plays. D'arcy walks alone, sad. Asta pays a visit to Jimmy and they hug. Mike sits eating cake and ice cream alone. Harry continues that there are some who can find their strength. Liv sits in her squad car. She listens to a recording, which tells her that when people experience the loss of time, their friends tell them that it's normal, but it's actually often because they've been abducted by aliens. As Dan and the others treasure the baby back at the reservation, Harry narrates that he discovered that there are some who are taught how precious the Earth is. He says it's not enough to save them, but if they can't, who will?

General McCallister sets at a metal table, with two domed dishes and glasses, the one on her side with wine. Two men lead Dr. Ethan Stone into the room. She tells him she thinks they may have gotten off on the wrong foot, pulling up the domes to reveal their meals and utensils. He starts eating. She asks him what he knows about lighthouses. He tells her he once did a work-study at a lighthouse off the coast of Portugal. She tells him that they're symbols of guidance, strength and truth. She tells him she's interested in truth, pouring him some wine. She says she knows it hasn't been very comfortable, but they've done everything above-board because she has reverence for his kind. "Midwesterners?" he asks. She snorts, saying that he's very likeable. She asks that he show her his true form. "You're looking at it," he tells her. She tells him that she knows the truth, that she and her father saw his true form at the lighthouse. Everyone made him out to be crazy, so he took his own life. She tells Ethan that she evolved, that we evolve through pain. She stabs his hand with a fork and he screams. She says she thought that would make him change. "My hand!" he shouts. She tells him that he's a doctor and to fix it, leaving the room. She pays a visit to Lisa Casper. "What is it?" she asks her. Lisa tells her that they just picked up a signal, lines of encrypted code in an alien signature. Back at Harry's the radio lights up. The octopus 42 shouts at Harry to shut it off, that it just woke him from the best dream, that he was having a threesome with a starfish and a little neck clam. Harry shushes him, telling him that the radio is receiving a signal. Lines of alien code appear on the smartphone. 42 asks what it says. "It's a phone number from New York City," Harry tells him.

Cast and characters[]


Special guest star: Linda Hamilton as General McCallister

Guest starring

with Nathan Fillion as 42


  • Terry O'Quinn as Peter Bach
  • Kaylayla Raine as Jay
  • Elle Rivas as Young D'arcy Bloom
  • Edna Manitowabi as Grandma Ruth
  • Paul Piaskowski as Robert Hutchins
  • Russell Roberts as Social Worker
  • Amber Lewis as Moira
  • Nathan Alexis as Big Leroy
  • Grace Cove as Sunny
  • Kevin Saxby as Waiter
  • Lini Evans as Bethany Bloom
  • Barclay Hope as Gerald Bloom
  • VG Winter as Host
  • Brendan Riley as Jay's Boyfriend
  • Samuel Smith as Anonymous Man #1
  • Leif Havdale as Anonymous Man #2


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