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Richard Ferguson? Or should I call you... "The Pharmacist"?

Sheriff Thompson to Richard Ferguson, "The Green Glow"

Richard Ferguson is a character on the science fiction comedy television series Resident Alien.

Character overview[]

Richard Ferguson is a janitor who works at the school in Patience, Colorado and also deals in illegally prescribed narcotics.

Plot summary[]

Richard Ferguson comes to the attention of Sheriff Mike Thompson and Deputy Liv Baker when investigating the case of a prescription pad stolen from the office of the murdered Dr. Sam Hodges. On the advice of Asta Twelvetrees, the two interrogate her estranged ex-husband, Jimmy, who admits to having been the one who stole the pad. He admits that he sold it to make a couple of bucks to "some dude who worked at the high school" going by the alias "the Pharmacist," not realizing that he intended to sell to kids. They ask him to tell him just who this "Pharmacist" is.

Based on Jimmy's lead, they then pay a visit to the school and confront Ferguson as he is making his janitorial rounds. When Thompson identifies him as "the Pharmacist," he bolts, turning over his janitorial cart to try to slow Thompson down by blocking his path. While Thompson chases after him, Baker uses her knowledge of the school's corridors to calculate Ferguson's most likely route, then waylays him with a push-broom. Sheriff Thompson seems impressed, asking her how she knew where he would be going, and she explains that the school was her old stomping grounds. When, however, she starts reading him his Miranda rights, Thompson chastises her for using a contraction, then takes over and reads the rights himself instead.


  • Richard Ferguson to date has appeared only in the Resident Alien episode "The Green Glow." He is played by an uncredited actor.