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Sahar is a character in the science fiction comedy television series Resident Alien. She is portrayed by Gracelyn Awad Rinke.

Character overview[]

Sahar is a young Muslim girl who attends school in Patience, Colorado. Unlike most, if not all of Max Hawthorne's other classmates, she claims to believe his story that the town's new doctor, Harry Vanderspeigle, is actually an alien from another planet. Intelligent and mature for her age, she sometimes speaks to adults as if they are her peers, something she claims to be working on.


Plot summary[]

A believer[]

While being teased mercilessly by some of his other classmates in the hallway for his claim that Vanderspeigle is an alien, Max Hawthorne notices another classmate bumping into Sahar on purpose and knocking her Trapper Keeper to the floor. Having been similarly humiliated, he walks over and picks it up for her. Later, at lunch, Hawthorne is again being teased, this time after his mother, Kate, who is a teacher at the school, gives him a hug. Rather than laughing at him, however, Sahar comes and sits across from him at his lonely table. He asks her if she wants to make fun of him too, but she tells him that she believes him.

The two later enter a cafe where Vanderspeigle is having lunch. Sahar, seeing Vanderspeigle, agrees that he is "disgusting" and definitely the person who cut the brakes on Hawthorne's bike, referencing an earlier incident. She tells Hawthorne that she's going in for a closer look and, despite the boy's pleas of Vanderspeigle's dangerous nature. She steps up to his table while he is looking away, then knocks over his glass of water. She and Hawthorne then both race out of the cafe.


At some point after this incident, Max contacts Sahar via walkie-talkie, telling her that he has terrible news. He says that his life is over, explaining that his parents have invited Vanderspeigle over to dinner. She replies that it's great news and when he expresses incredulity at this, she explains that he's been wanting to get into Vanderspeigle's cabin and she has a plan. Therefore, when Vanderspeigle comes to dinner, Max plays the role of the good boy to distract him while Sahar steals the keys from his vehicle. She then travels to a store and makes copies, returning to just in time to return the keys before Vanderspeigle leaves for the evening.

The next day, while Vanderspeigle is occupied with his duties as a doctor, Max and Sahar set off by bike to reach his cabin. While riding, they are pulled over by Sheriff Mike Thompson, who chastises them for not using hand signals when turning. When he asks them what they're doing, they claim to be out seeking Bigfoot and he curses, then apologizes for cursing in front of children. He ultimately lets them off with a warning, even complimenting them for being out getting fresh air instead of sitting at home glued to screens. The two finally arrive at Vanderspeigle's cabin and make their way down to the basement. There, they discover pieces of metal that they believe may be pieces of his spaceship, as well as a padlock on his freezer. They then spot the most interesting thing of all: an apple floating over a saucer. They reach for it and are shocked backwards, unconscious on the basement floor. Vanderspiegle arrives home and discovers them, and is annoyed when he checks for their pulses and discovers that they're still alive. He places them both in duffel bags and heads upstairs, only to discover a woman in the living room claiming to be his wife.

A truce[]

Max reveals the incident at the cabin to his parents, but they still refuse to believe his claim that Vanderspeigle is alien. He brings them to Sahar, saying that she was there as well, but she doesn't back up his story, saying that she doesn't remember ever having been to his cabin. Later, Max despairs when his parents tries to send him to an institute in Georgia based on Vanderspeigle's diagnosis. He reports this news to Sahar, upset at her longer believing him, but she clarifies that she never said that she didn't believe him, she just doesn't remember. She tells him that she has a plan. The next day, the two of them corner Vanderspeigle at Joe's Diner, where Sahar presents him with a bizarre scenario in which they both hold their breath until they pass out and die and he somehow gets blamed for their deaths. In the end, she manages to negotiate a truce in which Max agrees to stop telling everyone that he is an alien and in exchange, he stops trying to kill Max and also tells his parents that he made a mistake and he doesn't need to be sent to the institute in Georgia.

Following an incident in which Vanderspeigle was trapped in a crevasse, Sahar trails Max when he pays another visit to Vanderspeigle's cabin. Upon seeing her outside, he lets her in, and she asks if he was trying to shut her out. Vanderspeigle calls her pushy and she tells him to get used to strong women. She sees his device sitting on a table and asks about it. Max repeats Vanderspeigle's claim of it being a "radio" to contact his people and Sahar asks why he doesn't just go home on his spaceship. Seeing his forlorn expression, she asks "They took it, didn't they?" and he asks how she knows. She tells him it could have been any government agency, but that it's probably the Men in Black, who monitor extraterrestrial activity on Earth. He tells her that he's not worried, that it won't be a problem once he fixes his radio, that he's just a missing a part. She suggests the hardware store, saying that you can buy anything there, but he replies that he's "shit out of luck" unless they know somebody else who has encountered aliens. Sahar replies that they're going to have to wash his mouth out with soap if he keeps swearing around them, but he replies that he likes soap and eats it all the time. Max then tells him he knows where he can go if he wants to find alien stuff, leading him to a UFO Con in New Mexico.

Daredevil and the Black Widow[]

While Max and Sahar are out attending a movie, the government agents David Logan and Lisa Casper visit the Hawthorne household as dinner guests, pretending to be the married couple "Richard and Sarah Houston." While there, Casper sneaks into Max's room, going through his stuff and discovering a piece of Vanderspeigle's spaceship that was taken by Max. When Max returns home, he finds a recording of Casper's search of his room on his computer and reports this to Sahar.

Together, the two decide to spring a trap. Knowing that Logan and Casper are trailing them, hoping that they will lead them to Vanderspeigle, Max heads off on his bike. The two pursue and Sahar runs interference, pretending that they have run over her bike. When they at first refuse to pay for it, she offers to wait until the police show up. Her distraction allows Max to get allow, but also allows her to plant Kate Hawthorne's cell phone to use as a tracking device.

Their plan backfires when the two agents realize that they have been tricked. While the two wait at home, ready to monitor their movements, they double back to Max's house, then break in. While Kate is upstairs exercising, they interrogate the two, particularly Max, demanding that they lead them to the alien. Logan tries to rationalize with them, saying that the alien is there to kill everyone, but neither believes him at first. When he, however, explains that Vanderspeigle's spaceship is a Quimbaya amulet, Sahar realizes that he isn't lying. Max, though, claims that he can talk Vanderspeigle out of it. Just then, Kate comes downstairs, done exercising, and the agents lock her in a closet. Casper then presses Max with his drawings Vanderspeigle, demanding to know why the alien in the picture is wearing a white coat. Max tells her that the alien is the "town doctor," leading them to believe that the alien is Dr. Ethan Stone, the new doctor who replaced Vanderspeigle. Just then, Kate breaks out of the closet, while at the same time, Ben Hawthorne manages to get into the house. Kate then calls for both Max and Sahar to hide, as the two deliver an epic beating to both Logan and Casper, forcing them out of the house. Afterwards, Sahar praises them both, saying that they're like Daredevil and the Black Widow, and her mother comes to pick her up and take her home.


"You wanna make fun of me, too?"
"No. Because I believe you." - Max Hawthorne and Sahar, "Secrets"

"It could be any of the agencies. But it's probably Men in Black. It's a top-secret agency that monitors alien activity on Earth. But they don't always wear black, and they're not only men."
"Then why do they call them "Men in Black"?
"Because it's cooler than calling them "People in Clothes."
- Sahar and Harry Vanderspeigle

"You guys are like Daredevil and the Black Widow."
- Sahar to Max and Kate Hawthorne, following their beating of Lisa Casper and David Logan


  • Her name is incorrectly given as "Sarah" in a clip posted to YouTube by Syfy.


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