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Sexy Beast is the sixth episode of the science fiction comedy television series Resident Alien.


Official episode synopsis: Harry copes with jealousy when the mayor hires an annoyingly perfect new town doctor.

Plot summary[]

A girl is watching an old black-and-white television with her father when they lose the signal and then, suddenly, all of their clocks stop at once. They then lose power and head upstairs to their roof, as it is the roof a lighthouse and the light there has gone out too. The girl tells her father that "the rain stopped" and they look outside, stunned, to see a giant spaceship hovering over the lighthouse. The girl runs off, returns and begins snapping as many photos as she can, which the wind blows behind her.

In the present day, the alien Harry Vanderspeigle awakes, thinking that it was a crazy dream and that Isabelle was suffocating him with her sexual organs. She tells him that she's always loved watching him sleep and the two spend the morning together. They share glasses of wine, but Vanderspeigle is careful not to drink, letting her get drunk instead. He reflects that he needs to find the rest of his ship, but for now he just has one part left he needs to find of his antigravitational device. He reflects that if anyone actually saw him flying his spaceship, he'd have women beating him away with a stick. In a scene from four months previously, Lieutenant David Logan reports to a group of officers that fighter pilots in the Straight of Harmuz picked up an unidentified flying object, one which vanished into thin air. He continues that immediately after this, he picked up the same signature, something only possible with teleportation, and he thinks that it crashed somewhere in New Mexico. General McCallister tells him that two things he said give her pause: "teleportation" and "little green men." He points out that he never said "little green men," but she tells him that it seems like he's feeling a lot of pressure and suggests medical leave. After he exits, however, she goes and finds him sitting in his car, telling him that he was exactly right. She continues that they both know that it's an alien ship, but if it went up the chain of command, the evidence would be swallowed up and she's not letting that happen. She tells him he can't tell anyone what's happening and when he mentions his girlfriend, she tells him that he doesn't have one anymore. He then introduces him to Lisa Casper, saying that she is now his "wife."

Back in the present day of Patience, Vanderspeigle arrives in the office and tries to get some coffee, only to not understand how the coffee-maker works and claim to Asta Twelvetrees that it's leaking. When she starts to clean it, he tells her that she doesn't have to, that she should get Jay to do it. She tells him that Jay isn't there anymore. "Because she discovered you lied about birthing her?" he asks, and she admits to this. Just then, Sheriff Mike Thompson and Deputy Liv Baker arrive. They report that they got the results back from Sam Hodges's toxicology report and that he was poisoned with Botulinum toxin. He asks what Vanderspeigle knows about it and he replies that people who get it die from it, leading Thompson to tell him to dig a bit deeper. Their conversation is cut short by the arrival of Mayor Ben Hawthorne, who tells Vanderspeigle that he's found a new town doctor and he wants everyone to meet him. Vanderspeigle is immediately annoyed as both Twelvetrees and the nurse Ellen comment on the new doctor's attractiveness. The new doctor is named Ethan Stone and he immediately ingratiates himself with Sheriff Thompson by accepting his nickname of "Big Black" that nobody else has accepted. He and Vanderspeigle trade a bit of awkward small talk and he tells the sheriff that he thinks that Hodges tried to give himself a tracheotomy after his windpipe closed up. This annoys Vanderspeigle, who points out that he came to the same conclusion over two weeks previously. Thompson comments that the case should be closed pretty quickly now that they have a "real man of science" there and Vanderspeigle, determined to get an edge in, tells Thompson to talk to the person who stole the prescription pad. He says that now that the case is solved, he's going to clean out his desk and Thompson says it isn't solved, but it might be solved faster if some people would tell them everything they knew, regarding Twelvetrees.

As Vanderspeigle is cleaning out his office, Ben Hawthorne thanks him for having stepped up and gives him a candle. Vanderspeigle tells him that he remembered he's supposed to tell him that his son doesn't have to go to the institution in Georgia, that he's fine. Ben asks what he means, if he misdiagnosed his son. Stone tells him he'd be happy to offer a second opinion and Vanderspeigle, rattled, shouts that Max is, in fact, sick and does need to go to the institution. Outside, Sheriff Thompson speaks with Twelvetrees, telling her she's not the only person who loved Sam Hodges and that she needs to share anything she might have been keeping, that they're on the same team. Twelvetrees explains that she didn't know that the pad was stolen at first, that Hodges was diabetic and she thought maybe he was going to write a prescription for his insulin. She shows him the pills that were being passed around at the party and tells him to talk to the kid at the high school who was giving them out. As Vanderspeigle makes to leave, she asks him if he was really going to go without saying goodbye. He tells her that he didn't want too and they both call each other weirdos. Just then, Isabelle shows up and Twelvetrees explains that they were just saying goodbye, and that Vanderspeigle is all hers.

Sheriff Thompson and Deputy Baker arrive at the school, where Kate Hawthorne agrees to give them ten minutes to speak with the student. She leaves and Thompson suggests that he and Baker play "good cop, bad cop." However, he leaves her outside, telling her to "guard the perimeter" while he plays both good cop and bad cop. He then enters the classroom, leaving Baker outside, where a teacher compliments her on her shirt. Meanwhile, at The 59, D'Arcy Bloom and Judy are having a silly chat regarding Judy's supposedly psychic dreams when Vanderspeigle arrives with Isabelle. Isabelle introduces Vanderspeigle and Bloom points out that they've met and Isabelle remembers that it's a one-doctor town. She says he must know everyone and Vanderspeigle agrees, pointing people out by their respective ailments. She then tells him that she wants to sell the cabin and move back to New York. "This is fork in the neck," he thinks to himself. Back at the school, Thompson tries to speak with the student, alternately trying to bond with him over apps on a smartphone and then suddenly switching tack and shouting at him. The confused and likely stoned boy just stays silent the entire time and Thompson finally exits the classroom, telling Baker that the kid could work for the CIA. She then reveals that while he was doing this, she learned the kids at the school call the dealer "the pharmacist" and that there's a setup where students leave money behind the third tile in the handicap bathroom and find a locker combo taped under the student of the month board, which leads to the drugs. He tells her that this is why he left her outside of the door, that he's thinking six steps ahead. The two of them then see Jay and Thompson wonders why Twelvetrees left her off the list of suspects, thinking that with her access to the clinic, she could be the insider.

Isabelle grills Vanderspeigle about his lack of desire to return to New York, asking him to name just one thing he didn't like about it. "9/11," he replies and Isabelle agrees it's a fair point. The group at The 59 meets the new doctor, Stone, and he tries to ingratiate himself by revealing that he already knows that the source of the bar's name, that "59 died to save one." Vanderspeigle points out that technically 60 died since they didn't actually succeed in saving the miner that was trapped. The two end up getting into an arm-wrestling contest, and Vanderspeigle is confused when nobody cheers for him when, in the process of winning, he ends up dislocating Stone's shoulder. The next morning, Vanderspeigle drugs Isabelle's morning coffee so that he can continue his search of the mountain. Meanwhile, Bloom awakes also, having slept with Stone the night before. He tells her that she's awesome, but no longer into, she sends him on his way. At the sheriff's office, Thompson is working on his murder board when, searching for pushpins, he discovers that Baker has created her own murder board in the closet. He sees on it "Delivery Method: Insulin" and Baker explains her theory that the poison was delivered using Hodges's insulin shot. Sure that Thompson is going to dismiss her theory, she tries to play it off as being stupid, but he tells her that she's done a good job, much to her surprise and delight. Elsewhere, Bloom is out patrolling the mountain as part of her duties as part of Patience's avalanche control team via helicopter when she spots Vanderspeigle searching for his ship. She confronts him, telling him the area is off-limits, and escorts him away. In a flashback, the government agents Logan and Casper are searching for the ship. They reach a place that Logan is sure must be the right one, but find nothing at first, but then discover that the ship is cloaked. They report their findings to General McCallister.

At The 59, Baker is celebrating her success with Bloom, Twelvetrees and Judy. They spot Jimmy hanging out with a girl named Becky, but Twelvetrees plays it off. Baker then asks Twelvetrees why she left Jay's name off the list. Twelvetrees apologizes, telling her that she knows Jay and that she's a good kid. Baker tells her that it doesn't look good and that they're going to have bring Jay in for questioning. Twelvetrees says that they don't, but Baker tells her that there weren't many people who had access to Hodges's office and that whoever stole the prescription pads is someone she cares about. Twelvetrees considers this and, realizing something, goes over to confront Jimmy. She points out that sometimes he would play gin with Hodges in his office and Hodges would always say that he cheated. She suggests that Hodges might have gone to the bathroom and left a prescription pad sitting on top of his desk, which he took. Jimmy claims not to know what she's talking about, but she tells him she can see the truth on his face. As Jimmy and Becky make to leave, she tells Becky that she's going to tell herself that it's her fault, that it's okay because Jimmy is drunk, but it's not. Back at the cabin, Vanderspeigle arrives home and is surprised to find Isabelle awake, saying that she can't remember the last time she slept a whole day. He tells her that she's suffering from "Colorado Fever" and needs some caffeine, then drugs her coffee with more sleeping pills. She then goes to the next room and passes out on the floor. In another flashback, Logan and Casper present McCallister with the spaceship, cloaked, and showing her how to defeat the cloak. She compares with a photo, one that matches the photos of the spaceship taken by the little girl in Vanderspeigle's dream. She tells the two that whoever was piloting the ship will be coming back and that she wants them to bring it to her. In the present, Vanderspeigle arrives on-site, Casper and Logan monitoring his every action. Casper gets on the radio, asking an "Alpha-1" who he is. Alpha-1, a deep male voice, reports back that he is unidentified, asking if they should engage. "Roger that, move in," she agrees. "And if he tries to run, kill him." A car pulls up, coming to stop within inches of him.

Deleted scene[]

A deleted scene for this episode was released to YouTube. In the scene, Harry Vanderspeigle parks in his usual parking spot outside the Patience Health Clinic, only for Dr. Ethan Stone to tell him he can't park there because he's no longer the town doctor. Vanderspeigle moves the truck, only for Stone to again call him out, this time for parking in a handicapped spot. He tries again, only to end up in a spot designated "patient parking only." Finally, annoyed, he parks his truck right on the sidewalk, asking Stone pointedly if anybody has taken that spot.

Cast and characters[]


Special Guest:



  • Keith Abruthnot as Alien Harry Double
  • Kaylayla Raine as Jay
  • Julian Nelson as Lanky Stoner
  • Michael David Adamthwaite as Howard Wright
  • Rocky Anderson as Sniper
  • Terence Hayman as Agent
  • Oscar Farrell as Apple Boy
  • Jill Nixon as Becky
  • Alix West Lefler as Eleanor Wright
  • Sophia Bucior as Sweater Girl


"It's good to see you're still such a huge weirdo. And your talent for unleashing chaos in my life is strong as ever. But I think I'm better having known you."
"You're weird, too."
- Asta Twelvetrees and Harry Vanderspeigle



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