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Welcome to our little local watering hole, The 59.

The 59 is the town bar of Patience, Colorado. Its chief bartender is D'Arcy Bloom. The bar's logo features two crossed pickaxes to represent the mining accident it was named after.


Asta Twelvetrees and Harry Vanderspeigle at The 59

The 59 is so named due to the Patience town motto, "59 died to save one." The phrase refers to a mining accident in the 1800s in which 59 miners escaped from a collapsing mine only to realize that one of their own was still inside. They then went back in to try to save him and all perished. As such, the pub's walls are covered in old mining equipment.

It is known for its local whiskey and is a popular hangout spot in town, along with the cafe, Joe's Diner. Its selection is apparently rather limited, as when a customer asks Bloom for "a glass of your driest white," Bloom tells her that they've been using same box of wine as a stepladder since Halloween and that the whiskey is her best bet. The 59 is the oldest building in Patience, not counting indigenous history, as pointed out by Asta Twelvetrees.